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Expanding the potential of HPE StoreEver tape with Ethernet

StoreEver-and-ATTO_Blog_shutterstock_1062915266 (8).jpg“You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” is a phrase we’re all familiar with. It’s normally used to describe someone, or something, resistant to change, and unwilling or unable to adapt to fresh situations and challenges.

When it comes to discussions about storage, the ‘old dog’ description is one that’s sometimes used to refer to LTO Ultrium tape.  Some observers regard tape as being too slow or difficult to manage, and not really aligned with their vision of how storage should look or perform in the Hybrid Cloud era.

A recent TechValidate survey clearly illustrates why this isn’t the view of IT managers – the people whose businesses and organizations actually depend on HPE StoreEver tape every single day. Far from being unable to perform ‘new tricks’, enhanced connectivity options mean that tape is expanding its potential, making it easier, less-time consuming, and more flexible to deploy than ever before.

Expanding the potential of HPE StoreEver with Ethernet

Today, the most common options to connect your HPE StoreEver MSL tape library to a network are either to attach the device to a dedicated backup server via a SAS interface, or connect it to a Fibre Channel SAN so it can be accessed by multiple servers, over a dedicated storage network.

But if your network environment is primarily Ethernet-based, how can you connect your tape library and benefit from the low cost, scalability and security of HPE LTO tape?

The answer is simple and very effective: deploy high speed Ethernet connectivity for SAS via the ATTO XstreamCORE® ET 8200 40Gb intelligent bridge.  As you can see from the diagram below, this has the potential to transform the role of tape in your current or future network topology.

A bridge to the future

Figure 1.png

The ATTO bridge allows you to remotely connect to SAS tape drives over standard Ethernet networks using iSCSI and iSER protocols, which means you can add shared storage benefits to SAS storage at direct attached speeds.

The key benefits of this approach are:

  • Delivers the same performance as direct-attached SAS, with no latency penalties, for up to 64 servers.
  • Enables shared and distributed backup workflow over Ethernet, improving network performance and efficiency.
  • Fewer fabric switch ports required.
  • Advanced monitoring and management provided by the ATTO bridge controller.
  • Support for up to sixteen tape drives and libraries to be directly connected to the controller.
  • Multiple hosts can each communicate to different tape drives.
  • Saves time and resources by simplifying configuration and management.

In Summary

When combined with HPE StoreEver MSL LTO tape libraries, the ATTO XstreamCORE® ET 8200 40Gb bridge delivers Ethernet connected LTO tape for open-compute, cloud-based and even hyperscale environments. 

Tape may always be a venerable technology in some people’s eyes, but one thing should be abundantly clear: there is plenty of life (and tricks) in this old dog yet!

For more information, please see the press release and read the new solution brief.

Find out why IT managers are looking to tape for data retention, and discover why customers recommend secure, scalable and low cost HPE tape solutions.

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