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Experience HCI 2.0: Take dHCI for a test drive today

No doubt about it, the new HCI experience is changing the IT landscape. That’s because HPE Nimble Storage dHCI is HCI without the limitations. As you’ve probably heard by now, the hyperconverged platform delivers industry-leading simplicity and resiliency with unprecedented flexibility in scale.

Does that sound impossible? Far from it! But you don’t have to take my word for it. As of today, you can test drive dHCI for yourself. 

HCI-2.0_dHCI-test-drive.pngHyperconverged solutions are popular, in part, because they greatly simplify application infrastructure. And, for a decade, traditional HCI has proven to be a good choice for general purpose applications. But customers now want to extend the HCI experience to more demanding apps and mixed workloads – and HPE makes that possible with dHCI. Customers no longer have to choose between the hyper-simplicity of traditional HCI and the business-critical resiliency and independent scale of 3-tier architectures. Instead, they can leverage HPE Nimble Storage dHCI’s proven 99.9999% data availability and sub-millisecond latency for business-critical workloads to take advantage of flexible scale where it really matters.

Today we’re excited to announce a free dHCI test drive where you can experience the benefits of HPE Nimble Storage dHCI for yourself. All you need is a browser and an internet connection to try out this effortless management experience.

What are the key capabilities you’ll experience in this test drive? Here are a few:

Single dashboard view

From a single dashboard within VMware vCenter, you can easily navigate to at-a-glance views of workload performance, resource usage (including capacity savings), local and remote protection, and overall system health. You’ll also be able to explore visibility into compute and storage inventory information. The dashboard saves you time and makes managing VMs easy by providing all your resource metrics in one place.

VM-centric operations

Learn how to scale your virtual infrastructure within vCenter by simply adding a new virtual machine. You can also add policies to protect your VMs, an effortless experience for anyone with VM-centric operations. 

Flexible resource scaling

Independently scale within vCenter by adding new compute hosts  — with no impact to your existing applications and storage. The automation automatically discovers servers and seamlessly integrates new resources into your pool for easy management. This flexibility lowers costs by allowing you to independently add compute and storage.    

Quickly resolve time-consuming issues

See how easy it is to fix compute, storage, and networking issues with built-in configuration checks. Full stack automation provides quick problem resolution and ends the firefighting, giving you valuable time back.

One-click upgrades

Perform one-click upgrades non-disruptively to VMs. One-click upgrades simplify infrastructure lifecycle management across server firmware, hypervisor, and Nimble OS while saving time and eliminating manual processes.

Sound promising?

Then it’s time to try the HPE Nimble Storage dHCI test drive and discover for yourself how easy private cloud management can be.

Here are your “keys”!

Chuck Wood_42326650 (2).jpgMeet HPE blogger Chuck Wood, Senior Product Marketing Manager, HPE Storage and Hyperconverged Infrastructure.

Chuck is responsible for product marketing, leading hyperconverged solutions for software-defined, dynamic datacenters. He blogs about his professional passion - demonstrating excellent customer outcomes based on HPE HCI and dHCI.

Connect with Chuck on LinkedIn. Find him on Twitter @chasypwood .


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