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Fasten your seat belts! We are entering a new golden age of innovation, powered by AI


AI_golden age of innovation_blog.jpgArtificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are fueling a new golden era of innovation and invention, as was on display at the recent Mobile World Conference, aptly themed “Intelligent Connectivity.”

Twenty-five years ago the World Wide Web changed our lives in ways we never imaged. People met, shared photos, posted status updates, and did their shopping online. We fell in love with the internet and the availability to have everything at the click of a button. The World Wide Web drastically changed our brains and the way we connected, created, and imagined. This glorious Information Age has come to an end and we are now entering the Golden Age of Innovation—where if you can dream it, you can create it. Fasten your seatbelts as we embark in this new world, our lives will once again be drastically changed. The Innovation age is bringing us new technologies. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the advancements in the speed of compute are allowing you to go back to your roots and do what humans do best, which is to create and innovate. What will you invent?

How AI and Machine Learning are powering Intelligent Connectivity

I recently attended Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain. MWC is one of the biggest and most exciting events in the mobile industry every year. It’s where companies like Samsung, Huawei, Google Android, Nokia, Intel, and LG show off their newest technology and over 100,000 attendees anxiously gathOn the show floor at MWCOn the show floor at MWCered to find out the latest and coolest innovations. This year’s theme was “Intelligent Connectivity” and companies were highlighting how they are innovating and expanding their business through the ability to store, move and process massive amounts of data both quickly and efficiently.

Highlights from MWC

5G: After years of hype, 5G is actually here and at MWC every company was showing how they are deploying 5G in their businesses. 5G is impacting businesses as data has moved to the edge. By 2022, according to a 2018 IDC Report,* more than 40 percent of cloud deployments will leverage edge computing. Data needs to be available instantaneously and that means businesses need infrastructure that is always on, and always fast. The pairing of 5G with cloud services are modernizing data center infrastructure and how IT engineers manage complex hybrid clouds. AI and Machine Learning techniques (AIOps) are assisting IT teams to manage the resource-intensive and mundane job of complex infrastructure. AIOps is allowing IT engineers to focus on what really matters, how they can innovate and create new business outcomes.

The true potential of AI: In her MWC speaking session entitled “AI: Beyond the Hysteria and Hype,” CognitionX co-founder and chair of the UK’s government AI council Tabitha Goldstaub positioned it perfectly, saying “the AI race is on. . . how can AI be the technology to enable things we have never done before?” How are you going to harness the true potential of AI, to change the relationship between man and machine?

How HPE Nimble Storage delivers results for NTT Communications: One of our HPE Nimble Storage and InfoSight customers, NTT Communications, had a large presence at MWC. NTT utilized InfoSight AI-driven operations to manage and support its hybrid cloud. NTT ICT* HPE InfoSight showcased at MWCHPE InfoSight showcased at MWCsays that time spent diagnosing infrastructure performance problems has fallen heavily since HPE Nimble Storage was installed. Previously, NTT ICT’s storage infrastructure chief was devoting around one day per week to the diagnosis of performance problems. With InfoSight, the service provider now says that time spent troubleshooting problems has been almost entirely eliminated. This time is now freed up and allowing IT engineers to create new ways to deliver business value and stay ahead of the competition.

Learn more, stay connected

Interested to learn more about HPE InfoSight and how you can leverage the power of InfoSight to free up your IT engineers? We will be at the upcoming O’ReillyAI Conference “Put AI to Work” on April 15-to-18 in New York City. Find out how you can get the AI insights you need in order to drive actionable business outcomes.

As always, please follow along for the latest updates on HPE InfoSight plus more insights on how HPE continues to pave the way for autonomous infrastructure. Discussions will continue here on Around the Storage Block and also on Servers: The Right Compute.

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