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Fixing a fragmented infrastructure


The end of storage as we know it


SDS_bear_ATSB_shutterstock_121554535_01Oct.jpgWhatever kind of workload you have today, it’s going to change. In fact, it’s undoubtedly changing as you read this. Constant change can be a tremendous burden on servers, networking and storage devices, and an even bigger burden on you. Storing your data and keeping it highly available isn’t just about numbers – it’s your business. It’s reality.


When things start going wrong at the office and someone (well-meaning but not trained in my world) steps in to offer advice, here is my least favorite phrase: “All you have to do is…” Some days it feels like I’m trying to build a proton accelerator out of paper towel tubes, ice cubes and twister seals and I’m getting advice like: “All you have to do is… get a 10,000-year-old core sample from the North Pole. Now that’s good ice.” (This is the part where my head explodes.) 

Back to reality.

In the real world of bits and bytes, with business growth and new protocols, fluctuating workloads and systems in constant need of rebalancing – how does anyone keep up?  I don’t have the perfect answer, but I have learned two WRONG answers:  

  1. Keep introducing individual elements from a variety of vendors to an already fragmented IT infrastructure, and
  2. Get a core sample from the North Pole (we’ll ignore this one).

I’ve also learned one RIGHT answer: don’t try to do it all yourself.

Find a vendor you trust who knows a lot about the kind of environment you operate in (a virtual desktop infrastructure, or a business with remote offices, or an enterprise with unpredictable workloads that need to be continually monitored and rebalanced) and sit down and have a conversation with them. Learn about technologies that are being developed to address your IT issues, some new, some proven, all integrated into an infrastructure that’s easy to manage. Find someone who offers a converged (or even hyper-converged) solution with mission critical support, and you can stop worrying about upgrading and managing all the individual pieces. 

Well worth a listen.

Experts at Intel and HP sat down to have a conversation about where data storage is headed and how you can stay ahead with software-defined storage solutions. It’s an interesting discussion, looking at the end of storage as we know it and talking about the new options.

Catch the webinar – it’s part of a series from the two technology leaders:
Intel and HP Conversation on Software-Defined Storage—The hidden secret behind the power of hyper-converged. Register here 

And don’t miss the replay of two previous webinars in our storage-focused series:

By Janet Runberg, SDS Sales Enablement Manager, HP Storage


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I have been working across the HPE portfolio for over 12 years marketing hot topics including storage, software-defined, big data and hybrid cloud.

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