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Flash Now: Cloud Economics Brought On-Prem to the All-Flash Data Center



Learn how HPE 3PAR Flash Now addresses two of the biggest IT industry trends: trends: the transition to all-flash storage and the change in how customers consume technology. Flash Now brings cloud-like economics to on-prem all-flash storage deployments. 

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It’s amazing to see how flash has changed and shaped the storage landscape. At the same time, if you look at the industry, you’ll notice other tectonics shifts – with the most obvious one being the shift to public cloud. Why? Because public cloud can ease some of the financial pressure when it comes to making storage purchase decisions.

Flashonomics in the cloud era

We identify the adoption of all-flash in the data center as three waves:

Wave 1 – Performance: All-flash is expensive and used for niche workloads to accelerate a subset of applications.

Wave 2 – Economics: All-flash becomes mainstream and conversation is beyond just performance and extends to TCO and ROI.

Wave 3 – New Normal: Flash is now default tier of choice for production apps, the conversation goes beyond just storage and we look at all the critical pieces to enable the all-flash data center.


While data centers are going through this transformation, we also observe other interesting motions happening in the industry:

  • Enterprise IT industry is moving quickly toward adoption of new consumption and subscription models.
  • IT acquisition models are changing rapidly and enterprises are less interested in ownership.
  • Service providers have significant demand for capacity but need flexible capacity and payment models.
  • Shift to pay-as-you go/use are changing the financing conversation from CFO to line of business (LOB).


These transformations may leave you torn between choosing between modernizing your IT infrastructure and moving some (or all) of your workload to public cloud. The question we’d like to ask: Why choose?

Introducing HPE 3PAR Flash Now

How do you get cloud consumption flexibility for the data that must reside on-premises? Why not pay for your on-premises IT infrastructure in a manner that’s similar to the way you pay for subscription-based cloud services? How do you accelerate IT modernization? These are the questions we are answering with HPE 3PAR Flash Now.


HPE 3PAR enterprise storage technology has a history that intertwines with that of cloud services, since it was originally designed for IT-as-a-service (ITaaS) – with an architecture built to scale, all while delivering maximum efficiency and enabling full automation via a rich set of APIs.

3PAR Flash Now is aimed to improve the agility with which your IT organization can procure and deploy flash technology – an accelerate overall IT infrastructure modernization. The initiative provides a variety of benefits to both IT and service provider organizations and extends beyond just primary storage enabling user to modernize fabric and data protection infrastructure.

  • Flexible consumption options: HPE 3PAR Flash Now initiative offers on-premises, all-flash storage starting at 0.03/GB usable capacity per month. This can be delivered via pay-as-you-grow or pay-as-you-go options.
    In both cases there is full transparency regarding consumption and this is billed on a monthly usage rate.
  • IT modernization and guaranteed SLAs: The HPE Flash Now program extends beyond flash storage to incorporate flash-integrated backup and HPE Smart SAN technology, which is designed to dramatically simplify SAN zoning and management by taking advantage of intelligence built into HPE SAN networking components, including network adapters and switches. What’s more, Flash Now also provides options to help reduce the risk of new storage deployments, including deferring payment for 90 days along with a six 9s guarantee and data migration services.


Now’s the time to learn more about Flash Now!

Check out this video from ESG: 

Here’s more information:

Watch this ChalkTalk: 5 Steps to HPE Flash Now


Meet Around the Storage Block blogger Ivan Iannaccone, Director of Product Management, HPE 3PAR StoreServ Storage, HPE . @IvanIannaccone  


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