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From hyperconverged to hummingbirds, speed and size matter

I’m an amateur bird watcher, and we have no shortage of birds in Colorado. Surprisingly, some of the smallest species are the most impressive. My personal favorites weigh about as much as a penny and are incredibly fast, agile, and efficient. I’m talking about hummingbirds. They can fly at remarkable speeds of up to 49 mph (have you seen how short their wings are?) and travel thousands of miles every year on mostly nectar and a few bugs. I had one sit on my finger once. It seemed impossible that such a small animal could be so enormously capable. hummingbird-for blog.jpg

Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) is a bit like that – a lot of remarkable technology packed into a compact system with the kind of power, efficiency, and performance that any hummingbird would be proud to claim. HCI can’t fly, technically speaking. Birds have the advantage there. On the other hand, HPE SimpliVity powered by Intel® can send data across long distances at extremely high speeds, which is a little like flying. 

I’ve never heard IT administrators compare HPE solutions to hummingbirds, but businesses certainly have been taking advantage of HPE SimpliVity’s speed, efficiency and compact footprint for years. Customers like these have come to count on those features:

  • King Price. Because their customers rely heavily on digital technology, King Price required a fast, powerful IT platform when they refreshed their datacenter. They opted for an HPE all-flash hyperconverged solution, which provides this paperless insurance company with 2X the performance of hybrid HCI solutions and half the latency.
  • Town of Newington. The town was quickly running out of space in both their datacenters. They implemented HPE SimpliVity hyperconverged devices to stop the “component creep” of their traditional infrastructure. The IT team decreased their datacenter footprint and saw a 40% improvement in data efficiency.
  • Mental Health Center of Denver. MHCD was making a huge positive impact on the community, but the IT department was slow and inefficient. When the new IT Director saw how long it took to spin up servers, he knew he needed to streamline the infrastructure. Since they made the switch to HPE SimpliVity every aspect of their IT operations has improved. Now they can spin up servers in three to four minutes versus two weeks.

Read more about the compact efficiency of hyperconvergence in the Gorilla Guide to Hyperconverged Infrastructure for Data Center Consolidation.

Even better, you can witness HPE SimpliVity’s performance in this demo video. The hyperconverged system backs up and restores VMs from geographically dispersed datacenters in seconds.


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