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Genie out of the bottle: best-in-class QoS with HP 3PAR Priority Optimization software


By Megha Shukla, 3PAR Product Marketing Manager, HP Storage


Megha.jpgI was at a customer event a couple of days ago where the presenter was talking about the different software features that enhance HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage. A few queries we made about HP 3PAR Priority Optimization software and its functionality. These customers were interested in understanding the difference that Priority Optimization can bring to specific scenarios such as consolidation of dissimilar workloads onto a single storage array. I thought you would be interested in understanding more about this too.


Now how does HP 3PAR Priority Optimization work?

HP 3PAR Priority Optimization software helps you prioritize the applications that are critical to you and helps you decide which ones need maximum IOPs or bandwidth. Not only does this ensure predictable service levels in a multi-tenant configuration but it also makes the life of a system administrator easier – as the performance outcome is forecast beforehand. 




HP 3PAR Priority Optimization software enables you to take full control of performance by specifying minimum and maximum limits (“min goal” and “max limit”) for IOPS and bandwidth. This is scheduled as a priority for every QoS object, along with the ability to define “latency goals” for the most important applications.


Secure multi-tenancy with predictable SLAs



If these goals are not met, the system automatically adjusts the service levels of lower-priority applications and workloads in order to make sure that necessary QoS levels for your highest priority applications are nearly always maintained.


This paradigm is valid on HP 3PAR StoreServ systems because all applications on the array share of the all system’s resources including the physical disks. HP 3PAR Priority Optimization software helps govern the array’s performance through applications that are critical to the user.




Priority Optimization implementation benefits

The implementation of HP 3PAR Priority Optimization software helps consolidate more applications on the array and sets policies to manage performance autonomically while eliminating bottlenecks. This feature allows assured quality of service and better utilization of storage resources. It is also simple to use and can be enabled, disabled or modified in real time from a GUI or CLI. No host agents are required, no physical partitioning of resources within the storage array is required. And it works for every tier of storage, not just SSDs.


If you’re an over-worked IT administrator dealing with complex allocation of your storage resources (and wondering whether your quality of service can be maintained or not), HP 3PAR Priority Optimization can literally be the genie out of the bottle.


Curious to know more about HP 3PAR Priority Optimization?

Then you will want to read this technical white paper covering the details on functionality along with use cases of the software feature: HP 3PAR Priority Optimization – Agile quality of service management on HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage

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