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Get Gartner’s perspective: getting the most from your storage environment


GC.jpgBy Gil Chacon, HP StoreFabric, Storage Networking team lead, HP Storage



Grab a cup of coffee, take a break and learn about flash storage and the flash market players—and how Gen5 16Gb FC complements flash storage in the SAN. It’s all in the first issue of this new newsletter from HP, featuring Gartner research.coffee_ATSB_iStock_000054357172_Medium_28Oct_SIZED.jpg

 We talk about the increasing demands of application and database workloads are turning IT organizations to solid-state storage—with flash storage taking the place of traditional disk storage for high performance workloads.

Flash reduces latency, but what about the rest of your network, including server, HBA, storage array and switches? The cumulative effect of these latency sources can impact on application performance. Give your network a boost with Gen 5 16 Gb FC so your flash doesn’t run out of gas because of legacy FC infrastructure.

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The newsletter includes Gartner research. You'll find out about the benefits of Gen 5 16Gb FC with flash storage, discussed in layman’s terms. Plus you'll see results of third-party testing from Demartek comparing 8Gb FC versus 16Gb FC infrastructure with an all-flash array. Then take a look at Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for solid-state arrays where Gartner’s objective research  provides informative data on solid-state arrays and flash vendors. It’s a good read. Better than a doughnut with your coffee!


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