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Get more on the new HPE XP8 Storage including a Chalk Talk!


A little over a month ago I shared the news when we announced the new HPE XP8 Storage. The announcement we did 

ATSB Chalk Talk new HPE XP8 Storage.jpgwas a little ahead of availability of the new platform. But not we have dotted all the i's and crossed all the t's including pages on updated with the latest information. 

I hadn't done a Chalk Talk when we announced the XP8 but I just finished it up so wanted to share it along with a few things that are now on to help you dive deeper into the XP8. 

So here's the XP8 Chalk Talk. 

More on

As I mentioned, now that the XP8 is available, there are resources on that weren't available in October.  Let me share a few of them with you:

  • The place to start is the XP family page. The URL is If you scroll down the page a bit, you'll see five boxes labeled: Fast, Agile, Intelligent, Resilient, and HPE GreenLake. I talk about these in the Chalk Talk but click on each to get a bit more.  Go a bit further down the page and you'll see a large sub-heading that reads Engineered for Availability and High Performance. Hover over the product image and check out the pop-up boxes that give more infor about the XP8. 
  • The family page has high-level information. The XP8 product page has more. To get to it there's a button further down the page that says "Buy now". I think that's kind of funny - if you buy an XP8 from the website, please contact me as I have some garage sale items I want to sell too! 
  • In the Chalk Talk, I mentioned that one of the resources I recommend reading is the XP8 QuickSpecs. There is just too much to talk about the XP8 in a short Chalk Talk so check out the QuickSpecs to read more about the hardware specs and software for the platform. 
  • Available from the XP8 product page is the 100% data availability guarantee program brochure. I mention the guarantee in the Chalk Talk but you can read the details about it in the brochure. 
  • There's also a brochure for the XP8 Compression Guarantee program.

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