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Go big, go mobile: HP StoreEver LTO Tape Storage for your HP ZBook Mobile Workstation


MarkF_TapeJ.jpgBy Mark Fleischhauer, Tape Storage Solutions Engineering Manager


Always on the go? (Who isn’t?) That makes HP ZBook Mobile Workstations the powerful workhorse you need, especially if you work in fast-paced digital media environments. The HP ZBook provides support for cutting-edge 3D graphics and processing power to address the growing demands of users like video editors and CAD artists.


The projects these users create are growing in size with richer colors, higher resolutions and greater Tape_EnvironmentJ.jpgcomplexity. Now, with the addition of the Thunderbolt port to the HP ZBook Mobile Workstations, you can easily share and protect these projects with a reliable, cost-effective HP StoreEver LTO tape drive using the Thunderlink Desklink Device from ATTO Technology for SAS-to-Thunderbolt connectivity.  


To power the solution, the free HP StoreOpen LTFS software utility mounts the tape drive as a drive letter, making it as easy to use a USB thumb drive. You simply drag and drop files to and from your laptop and the tape drive. With LTO-6, you get an amazing 2.5 TBs of raw storage capacity and even more capacity if your files are compressible using the onboard lossless compression capabilities of the drive with speeds over 100MB/sec.


It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Screen1J.jpgImagine yourself on set and you need to quickly create multiple copies of the digital masters from the cameras. You simply:

  1. Copy the files from the camera card with a connected reader to your HP Mobile Workstation laptop.
  2. Copy the files from your laptop to your LTO tape drive. 
  3. Insert a new tape and repeat step #2 to create a second copy. 

Now you have a set of tapes written with LTFS that allow you to share your content anywhere as LTFS guarantees interoperability with other LTFS solutions, including those that run on Mac and Linux. You also have an immediate archive that can be stored away for additional protection.



Ever wonder which media has the file you need?

Screen2J.jpgHP StoreOpen includes a cartridge browser utility so you can navigate the directory structures and file names for tape cartridges that were previously created so you can find your content without having to load each cartridge. The power of creativity is yours. With an HP ZBook Mobile Workstation and an HP StoreEver LTO Tape Drive, now you can protect, preserve and share your valuable content with reliability, speed and simplicity.





Learn more about HP StoreEver for Media & Entertainment Industry Credentials

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