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Golden opportunities await you with HP Storage Supplies


AD.jpgBy Andrew Dodd, WW Marketing Communications Manager, HP Storage Media  @hpstoragemedia


As a child growing up, one of my favourite stories was “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” by Roald Dahl. I loved the fantastic descriptions, the incredible characters and I was enthralled by the Golden Ticket competition through which Charlie Bucket came to win the biggest prize of all.  


Now in late 2015, HP is running a similar competition: the Golden Cartridge!


HP ships more than a million LTO Ultrium tapes each quarter. Between now and December 31, 2015, 200 Golden Cartridges are waiting to be found. Whilst we can’t offer you the world’s most fantastic chocolate factory as a prize (sorry!), you’ll receive a five pack of HP LTO Ultrium tapes if you discover one of these special cartridges. And all winners will be entered into a Grand Prize draw where one individual will receive a fully loaded HP StoreEver MSL6480 tape library!


Of course, the tale of Willy Wonka and his factory is a modern classic and since its publication back in theCharlie_Book.jpeg 1960's, millions of children (and quite a few adults!) have enjoyed reading how Charlie beat the odds to find a golden ticket.


Our “Golden Cartridge” promotion is about more than just nostalgia. Here’s what’s at play.

In a recent blog post on the possibilities of a digital dark age, the head of HP's tape business, Chris Powers,
made the point that since ancient times, society has used books and paper to preserve information for future generations. The printing revolution in the Middle Ages transformed this "data protection business" by making it possible to create multiple copies of content and share it widely from the point of origination. From the “Canterbury Tales” to “Charlie and The Chocolate Factory,” not much has changed. Chris concluded that perhaps we should be careful about a single copy of anything because that makes apocalypse-proofing data a lot harder.


One of the reasons why tape technology is such a useful data protection medium is because it is very easy and inexpensive to preserve multiple copies of information, both for short-term convenience and long-term peace of mind. But there will be times when customers have one tape, one copy of data and one option to get it back.


Out of that idea, HP's Golden Cartridge promotion was born!

Golden-SquareBannerEMEA_eee.jpgThe Golden Cartridge is a symbol for everything HP does to ensure the highest reliability and quality. This is the reason HP media is tested to extremes. The specification for HP branded LTO Ultrium data cartridges includes many tests that are either not part of industry standard logo testing, or go far beyond the logo requirement. For example:



There is no load/unload test for the LTO logo but HP scrutinises media performance in automation environments because this is a critical area for tape reliability. Each batch must demonstrate no more than one failure in every 100,000 load/unloads!



In contrast to the industry standard of limited interchange using a single data cartridge/drive pairing, HP thoroughly checks its storage media for full interchange between multiple tapes on multiple drives in all the following conditions:

  • 50°F/10°C and 80% R.H. cold and wet
  • 50°F/10°C and 10% R.H. cold and dry
  • 113°F/45°C and 10% R.H. hot and dry
  • 113°F/45°C and 24% R.H. hot and ambient
  • 84°F/29°C and 80% R.H. hot and wet 


“Green Tape” testing measures the consistent high quality of tapes for customers using brand new cartridges for each backup and restore operation (e.g. for archiving). “Full Volume Life” is a test unique to HP and measures performance for customers who repeatedly use the same cartridge multiple times (e.g. in a demanding automation environment).



These tests are complemented by procedures like Locate/Append/Rewind testing, which is an equivalent test to the industry logo, except that HP testing is 1000% more stressful as the tape is passed through the drive 2,500 times. The benefit to the user is in mimicking a typical automation scenario where are limited section of tape may receive repeated intensive usage.


We have many more HP brand specification tests, more than can be covered in the scope of this blog—so if you'd like more information about HP Storage Supplies testing for backup, recovery and archiving, please download one of the white papers below.


Feeling lucky?

In the end, HP's extreme storage media testing program is designed with one purpose in mind: to give you maximum confidence that your data is safe. Whilst I wish you luck in finding one of the Golden Cartridges in the promotion, when it comes down to recovering your data, our job is to try and make sure that luck plays no part in the outcome.


Although only a small number of actual golden cartridges are there to be found, in reality, all HP data cartridges are created and tested with the knowledge that one day they could be worth their weight in gold!


Get technical: white papers

Why HP Storage Media? LTO-6 and Extreme Testing

HP LTO-6 Ultrium Storage Media Interleave Testing


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