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Good News for Government Orgs: HPE Nimble Storage Completes Common Criteria Certificate Testing



We have completed Common Criteria’s rigorous, globally recognized security vetting processes. Another reason to feel confident with HPE Nimble Storage solutions for your data center.

Common Criteria_Nimble Storage_blog.jpg “Of coooooourse your data is safe with us....”

How many times have you heard a vendor say this and wondered if it was actually true? Are they using proper security measures? Were they implemented correctly? Configured correctly? Being patched correctly?

If you are a system administrator, how many nights have you woken up in a cold sweat over the past few years wondering if your systems, your data, your livelihood were all safe? Sure, lots of people have good products, but what good are they if they aren’t safe?

Enter Common Criteria, the driving force for the widest available mutual recognition of secure IT products.

Another certification?

Yes, certifications have been around since the dawn of IT. But this one is different.

But which ones can you trust? Which ones test what you NEED tested? 

The Common Criteria certificate is recognized by 25 countries around the world as well as a certain “Three-Letter Agency” in Maryland via its Certificate Authorizing Scheme, and passes muster around the globe, legally, for trade.

This one will let you sleep easier because the Common Criteria certification process is a time, labor and financially intensive process to test, document and verify products for security.

And HPE Nimble Storage products have it!

HPE Nimble Storage products have gone through, completed and passed* the weeks and months of rigorous testing and security vetting per the Common Criteria processes. Recognized as a standard for IT products across the world, government institutions can confidently choose and deploy predictive, cloud-ready solutions from HPE Nimble Storage into their data centers. Your data is safe, and we can prove it!

Give us a chance to show you. Request a demo today.

*Full, website certificate posting pending for Q4CY17. 


Matt Divens_HPE Nimble.jpg

 Meet Around the Storage Block blogger Matt Divens, Federal SE Manager, HPE Nimble Storage. Passionate about “all things tech,” from coding on a Commodore 64, building Yagi wireless antennas from Pringles cans, and protecting the Hubble Space Telescope data, Matt has spent the last 20 years in the Federal space helping customers design, build and implement solutions to make things work better, faster and safer. Matt now focuses on “data in a new era” at Nimble Storage (HPE) as the Federal Solution Architects Manager.



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