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Good news! HPE Cloud Volumes promotions for cloud data services extended to January 31st 2021

In the wake of COVID-19, many businesses had to face up to the new realities of unpredictable storage demands, exposed data vulnerabilities with heightened ransomware risk, and the challenges of preserving cash and maintaining business continuity. 

Adding to this complexity, shelter-in-place directives make it difficult for IT managers to even access their data centers. Perhaps now, more than ever before, businesses need enterprise storage that is easy to access and consume. Enterprise storage that can be delivered-as-a-service.

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve extended our offers to help you get through these challenging times. Until January 31st, 2021, test-drive HPE Cloud Volumes, a suite of enterprise cloud data services. Take advantage of 10 TiB of free capacity per month for 90 days* (now available worldwide), and $3500 (USD) credit toward each qualified subscription!** 

HPE Cloud Volumes answers the call of your data and storage challenges

HPE Cloud Volumes Continuing to Make Life Easier_Blog_shutterstock_753568075.pngHPE Cloud Volumes enables you to move from managing infrastructure to simply consuming it. You can turn on storage capacity in the cloud in minutes, and integrate your existing data and/or backup workflows without ever having to initialize, configure, manage or tune any physical or virtual infrastructure. HPE Cloud Volumes is a true cloud service that gives you seamless data mobility between public cloud and on-premises infrastructure – and it is available right from the comfort of your home office.

We recently announced HPE Cloud Volumes Backup, an enterprise cloud backup service that allows you to instantly start backing up to the cloud – in minutes – without changing any of your existing workflows.  We’re breaking down the fragmented silos to make data protection simple, bringing you pay-as-you-protect economics and enabling you to activate your backup data anywhere to accelerate innovation.

You can confidently look to HPE Cloud Volumes Block during this time to easily and efficiently move your non-essential workloads to the cloud, and to free up on-premises storage capacity while extending data protection offsite. And once your data is in HPE Cloud Volumes, you can put it to use to rapidly develop, test, and deploy enterprise applications in AWS, Google Cloud Platform, or Microsoft Azure. – You can even leverage all three without having to move your data.

HPE Cloud Volumes promotion to help during this pandemic

We understand how challenging it can be right now to address your unpredictable storage needs. To help you meet those needs, we’re excited to offer the following promotions for our HPE Cloud Volumes services – now through January 31st, 2021.

Offer #1:  10TiB of free capacity per month for 90 days*

That’s right. This is a no risk, no commitment, free use of everything HPE Cloud Volumes has to offer – with 10TiB of free capacity per month, for 90 days.

To start taking advantage of this offer, simply reach out to your sales rep or HPE Certified Partner for an HPE Cloud Volumes account.  For HPE Cloud Volumes Block, log into your account to easily provision your needed storage volumes, connect them to your on-premises storage, and optionally point them to your compute from any public cloud. You can then easily start migrating data to HPE Cloud Volumes, extending data protection, and running new enterprise applications in just a matter of minutes. 

With HPE Cloud Volumes Backup, you can start backing up in minutes with automated backup policies, in just a few clicks. Simply log into your account, provision a backup target with the capacity you need, and add it to the protection schedules in your existing backup applications.

With HPE Cloud Volumes, you have the option to pay for the service either monthly, based on your usage, or through a prepaid subscription service. What if you only need HPE Cloud Volumes for a short period of time? No problem at all. Just discontinue the service, and you repatriate your data, without any egress fees. Our goal is to make it easy so you can readily meet your business needs.

Offer #2:  $3500 (USD) credit toward each qualified subscription**

Our second promotional offer gives you $3500 (USD) of additional credit if you purchase a qualified prepaid subscription. If you’re new to HPE Cloud Volumes, you can start with one qualified subscription and get $3500. (USD) of credit added to your account.

Bundle with the existing HPE Cloud Volumes promotion

For each new subscription purchased, customers will receive up to 20% of their purchase price in free usage credits.  That’s a lot of free cloud storage!

HPE Cloud Volumes customers experience success

Still deciding if you’re ready to sign up for the HPE Cloud Volumes promotion?  We have three new videos that feature customers who have benefitted from our enterprise cloud data services.

The first is Florence, South Carolina-based ACS Technologies. ACS Technologies is the leading provider of information management solutions for churches, schools and other faith-based organizations. They required a disaster recovery solution that could work for any workload, across any cloud because their goal was to achieve multi-cloud flexibility. Without HPE Cloud Volumes, this wouldn’t be possible. They would face cloud lock-ins, complex management, and manual and tedious migration.

Once they learned about HPE Cloud Volumes, their decision, according to Senior Network Administrator Carl Wagner, was “essentially a no brainer.” With HPE Cloud Volumes, they can easily and effortlessly transfer their data to and from the cloud with no egress costs, no vendor lock-in, and complete visibility. Learn why ACS Technology is in a much better place because of HPE Cloud Volumes. 

When iCorps Technology, a pioneer in comprehensive IT outsourcing for businesses in and around the Northeast, needed an immediate solution for their client in the hospitality industry, they looked to HPE Cloud Volumes for a quick and cost-effective solution that didn’t require any additional space. Because HPE Cloud Volumes doesn’t require separate ISV backup master and media servers, iCorps Technology was able to deliver on service with multiple use cases, including direct backup to the cloud, hybrid cloud backup, quick data recovery, and access to any public cloud platform. To hear why iCorps Technology “wouldn’t hesitate to recommend” HPE Cloud Volumes, watch this video

The third customer in this series is ShotSpotter, a critical business that proactively addresses gun violence by collecting data from sensors on the edge to detect gunfire incidences, in under 60 seconds. In order to do this, ShotSpotter requires hyper scale performance with high data availability, low latency, flexibility, and security delivered through our pay-as-you-go service.

Acknowledging the critical need for retained data for the use of forensic analysis and evidence, HPE Cloud Volumes provides the confidence of secure data protection as a critical component of our solution that’s effortless, efficient, and reliable.

“My excitement with HPE Cloud Volumes is very high.  I can sleep at night knowing that I have the data backed up” said Vinnie, Senior Systems Administrator at ShotSpotter.  Watch this video to hear more from Vinnie.

HPE is here to help

Here at HPE, we think data and storage should be the least of your concerns today, and we hope these offers will make it a bit easier to deal with the unpredictable demands you may face for storage during the global pandemic.

To learn more about HPE Cloud Volumes and to start taking advantage of the promotion, check out the flyer and field guide

The 10 TiB promotion is for new accounts opened between April 15, 2020 and January 31, 2021. For continued service beyond the 90-day promotional period or consumption during the 90-day promotional period that exceeds 10 TiB per month and/or 5000 IOPS per month, the business will be billed at the conclusion of the 90-day promotion. 

** The $3500 credit promotion applies per account and is for subscriptions purchased between April 15, 2020 and January 31, 2021. Businesses can qualify for both promotions based on qualified purchase. Other terms and conditions do apply. Contact your HPE sales representative for more details.

Jenna 2018.jpgMeet Around the Storage Block blogger, Jenna Colleran. Jenna is a Storage Product Marketing Manager at Hewlett Packard Enterprise focused on HPE Cloud Volumes. 

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