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HANA in a Flash: New 3PAR 9450 and 20000 All-Flash Arrays Certified for TDI



The “best AFA for SAP HANA” is now even better with the all new 3PAR 9450 all-flash array and updated 20000 models certified for SAP HANA.


3PAR flash storage SAP HANA_blog.jpgLast month, HPE introduced the all new HPE 3PAR StoreServ 9450 storage array as well as enhancements to the HPE 3PAR StoreServ 20000 series. These new offerings are all certified for SAP HANA TDI, offering greater scalability as well at the availability and data services that our HANA customers count on.

The HPE 3PAR StoreServ 9450 significantly extends the limits of midrange storage with up to 18 PB of usable capacity and even more all-flash performance. The 3PAR 9450 scales to four array controller nodes, delivering predictable performance for multitenant workloads, a prerequisite for HANA TDI deployments. 3PAR StoreServ 9450.png

 The 9450 has a field-tested and proven architecture built for 6-nines availability. This means you can consolidate HANA and non-HANA workloads with confidence. The 3PAR 9450 also doubles the horsepower of the 3PAR 8450 as we have doubled the CPUs and ASICs on each node. It also offers 34 GB/s of bandwidth which is absolutely critical for HANA large block IOs. The 9450 AFA scales to 36 HANA server nodes, a 50% scaling increase over the 8450.

3PAR StoreServ 20000.pngThe HPE 3PAR StoreServ 20000 Series also got an update in June. New controller nodes increase performance by 15% over current 20000 models and increased rack density with 288 SSDs per rack, a 100% increase.  The updated models deliver a significant scaling boost for HANA.  The 20800 R2 scales to 72 HANA server nodes, a 13% increase in scaling. The 20850 R2 scales to 92 HANA server nodes, a 44% boost compared to the 20850. 

HANA customers demand more than scaling. 3PAR also offers the resiliency, data availability, rich data services, multi-tenancy, and quality of service controls necessary for mission critical standalone HANA and consolidated workloads.

Why 3PAR all-flash storage for SAP HANA TDI?

In a recent report, Taneja Group evaluated five different mid-range all-flash arrays (AFAs) for SAP HANA and concluded that 3PAR is “the best AFA for HANA.” Taneja showed that that the 3PAR 9450 could meet a 12 HANA server node environment with up to 73% fewer SSDS, 76% less power and 60% less rack space than the alternative AFAs evaluated.

These results are not just luck. They can be attributed to these key architectural differences with 3PAR all-flash arrays that make it an ideal choice for HANA:

  • The ability to efficiently handle large I/O sizes—Most AFAs focus on small block IOPS performance but the typical I/O size to HANA data volumes is 1 MiB, much larger than IOs for traditional applications. 3PAR can not only readily handle high IOPS/low latency environments but also has the bandwidth to tackle large IOs. For example, 3PAR 8450 bandwidth from a read perspective is just over 12 GB/second, which is great for loading up the memory when you are starting up a HANA DB.
  • Mixed-workload technology—The 3PAR ASIC as well as CPUs were designed to handle mixed workloads. 3PAR does not require separate disk pools for HANA log and data volumes. There is no need for RAID groups. All drives can be shared among all HANA nodes. This is not only more efficient as you are utilizing the maximum resources of the array in terms of performance and space but also more simple from a management perspective.
  • Selective data reduction—Although the HANA database is compressed in memory, the data actually that goes to persistent storage is still compressible. We find up to 2:1 compression. However, HANA data is not deduplicatable and the inability to turn it off, creates overhead. Rather than having an array architecture with dedupe always on, 3PAR allows you to choose the data reduction technologies that suit the application and selectively specify if you want, dedupe on or off, as well as compression on or off.
  • System-wide striping—3PAR wide striping is truly system-wide, ensuring that data is not just split across traditional RAID groups, but is also split across all the drives behind a controller node as well as all the drives in a system. This efficient way of using all resources evenly, from front-end ports through CPUs to SSDs gives us performance advantages.
  • Truly active-active array technology—3PAR’s truly active-active technology allows each volume to be active on every controller in the systems. There are no device-driver specific modules and no master-standby relationships. Everything participates, allowing applications such as HANA to get the full performance benefits of all the hardware in the system. Also, only 3PAR is able to perform active/active IO simultaneously on both ports of an SSD. This allows us with even small drive counts to have sufficient write bandwidth for SAP HANA.

More 3PAR flash storage advantages 

3PAR also offers converged block-and-file storage, eliminating the need for a separate highly available file server for HANA shared content in scale-out configurations. This greatly simplifies a scale-out architecture and offers one single converged management platform for storage.

Lastly, don’t forget about backup and recovery. 3PAR offers integrated data protection with HPE Recovery Manager Central (RMC) for SAP HANA. RMC offers protection of SAP HANA databases through application-consistent snapshots on 3PAR and Express Protect Backups to HPE StoreOnce Backup systems.

Look no further than 3PAR StoreServ all-flash storage for SAP HANA TDI. Our latest 9450 and 20000 array models complement the full StoreServ portfolio, all certified for SAP HANA. 3PAR offers the most efficient architecture plus the availability, data services, and data protection required for HANA and other consolidated mission critical applications.

Deeper dive

  • Listen to the replay of the Taneja Group and HPE Storage webinar to learn why all flash is the best choice for HANA and how 3PAR beats the competition. Read the detailed study written by Taneja Group.
  • Check out the just published SAP HANA TDI solution white papers for the 3PAR 9450 and 20000 AFA
  • Learn more about data protection with Recovery Manager Central for SAP HANA

And watch this video to learn how HPE Synergy and 3PAR AFA helps Symmetry, an SAP application management and cloud hosting company, extend hosted service capabilities.


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