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HP 3PAR StoreServ: 2014 marked a year of storage innovations


Ivan.jpegBy Ivan Iannaccone, HP 3PAR StoreServ Product Management @IvanIannaccone


Happy New Year! I have the honor of writing the first storage blog of the year. This time, instead of talking about a new exciting product, I want to focus on what a great year 2014 has been. With two major HP 3PAR OS releases, we have not only brought to our customers groundbreaking features but also some significant innovations to the data storage industry.

 HP 3PAR StoreServ – a year of innovations

Here is a summary of some of the milestone features of the 3.1.3 and 3.2.1 HP 3PAR OS releases, not to mention many more small features in these releases. In this blog, I will concentrate on what I consider innovative and why.


Adaptive Sparing
Adaptive Sparing technology has two main objectives. The first is to increase the amount of raw flash available by reducing the SSD overprovisioning pool. The second is to extended SSD write endurance by unmapping unused spare chunklets and returning this to the SSD over-provisioning pool to be used by the SSD during its garbage collection activity. Read more.

Innovation: This is an industry first and a unique implementation that reduces the overall $/GB of the solution. You pay the same amount for more flash capacity, while maintaining five years of unconditional warranty on the media.

Storage QoS with latency goals
HP 3PAR Priority Optimizations allows you to set latency goals for those application that you want to protect as more and more workloads are consolidated on the storage system. Read more.

Innovation: This is the only solution in the industry that allows you to set Max/Min IOPS/Bandwith values, priorities and latency goals that can work on sets of VVs or Virtual Private Arrays (using Virtual Domains) – all without relying on host agents.

 Persistent Ports with laser loss detection
Persistent Port detection virtualizes the WWN of a partner port not only when a controlled reboot or shutdown is detected but also when a there is a loss of link between the target port and the switch, this could be due to a cable problem, sfp failures or problems on the switch. Read more.

Innovation: HP 3PAR Persistence was already a pretty innovative features that provides increase resiliency during a path failure without relying solely on the host MPIO stack, so this new tweak is the icing on the cake

Peer Motion support for clusters and single VV migration
Peer Motion is an important feature part of our federation technologies, with 3.1.3 enabling online migration of clustered volumes, along with the ability to migrate a single volume that is exported to a host versus the entire set of volumes. This enables workload balancing of volumes across multiple arrays. Read more.

Innovation: HP 3PAR Federation technologies are native to array, requiring no need of external appliance and support a broad set of use cases second to none in the industry, without requiring any host agent.

 6-Nines Availability Guarantee Program
Tile says it all! Read more.

Innovation: The only program in the industry to span from midrange to high-end, including all-flash.

HP 3PAR Online Import for EMC Storage
Do-it-yourself, appliance-free data migration technology that enables you to migrate volumes from EMC storage arrays to the most advanced storage architecture in the industry. Read more.

Innovation: HP 3PAR Online technology is native to array, requires no need of external appliance and does not need any host agent.

Thin deduplication and thin clones
Inline ASIC assisted deduplication and non-deduplicate VM cloning technology that provides additional data compaction. Read more.

Innovation: The only vendor in the industry to introduce in-line deduplication on existing hardware and supporting it on all models – midrange, high-end and all-flash.

Adaptive Flash Cache
Adaptive Flash Cache provides an augmentation of the node on-board DRAM cache to virtualize SSD space to provide reduction in overall host latency and improved front-end performance. Read more.

Innovation: The only vendor in the industry to introduce flash cache across the entire product-line and allowing customer to share the pool of virtualize SSD space for flash cache, sub-LUN tiering and in-line deduplication. This enables you to set flash cache system wide or on dedicated workloads only.

Express Writes
3PAR OS protocol optimization to decrease number of CPU interrupts per I/O transaction thus decreasing overall write latency. Read more.

Innovation: Unique implementation that brings increased performance to you via a simple SW code upgrade.

Peer Persistence for MSFT Windows and Hyper-V
Support for built-in stretch-cluster functionalities to support Microsoft Windows and Hyper-V systems. Read more.

Innovation: Peer Persistence is part of HP 3PAR Federation technologies – and is native to array, requires no external appliance and supports a broad set of use cases second to none in the industry, without requiring any host agent. 

File Persona 

Native File Services offered directly from HP 3PAR StoreServ for a truly converged block, file and object access experience. Read more.

Innovation: File Persona brings 39 new innovations, including extent-based journaled HP Adaptive File System to proprietary implementations of converged Access Control Lists for multi-protocol environments.

Express Protect and Recovery Manager Central
Flat-backup technology between HP 3PAR StoreServ and HP StoreOnce, backup directly from your array to StoreOnce, physical appliance or VSA! Read more.

Innovation: The only flat-backup in the industry that spans midrange, high-end and all-flash and enables fast backups and instant recovery of full synthetic backups or single snapshots.

HP 3PAR StoreServ Management Console
Great technology deserves best-in-breed interface Read more.

Innovation: Integrated historical performance and capacity reporting, instant search, map views and activity feeds are just some of the great features that are packed in the new HP 3PAR management console.

Now on to 2015
An exciting thing about being a product manager is that we know what great things are in store in 2015. But I can’t tell you just yet! Just know that the pace of innovation is not going to slow down and be prepared for other groundbreaking announcements throughout the year. And with this I leave you with my best wishes for a great 2015: Buon 2015!

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