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HP OneView and 3PAR StoreServ – Awards pile up as milestones fly by


HP OneView and 3PAR StoreServ continue to receive great awards and hit amazing milestones. Sure, the awards are great but more importantly, our users are realizing the benefits of converged infrastructure and the New Style of IT.

A few months back, I blogged about the astounding user adoption of HP OneView. Since that time an even more astounding number of new users have started to realize the benefits of the New Style of IT and converged infrastructure. HP OneView has now passed the 100,000-license milestone and is installed in more than 80 countries.



There’s more. HP received multiple awards from TechTarget’s Storagemagazine/ It’s no surprise that HP 3PAR StoreServ collected yet another award, but I find it fascinating that HP OneView for the software-defined data center also received an award. . . from a storage publication. Once again, more evidence that convergence is here and the world is moving to the New Style of IT.


Automated. Converged. Open.

It’s good news all around: So many of you are saving time and running your infrastructure more efficiently with HP OneView. It is a single point of control for the software-defined data center – where you cable once, then manage and monitor your servers, SAN and storage with HP OneView templates.

This is true converged management where compute, network and storage functions have the same user interface, the same API set, the same template-based configuration process and the same security services. This results in significant time-savings, and it reduces risk.

HP OneView is all about making everyone more productive. It’s designed around how people work, not how devices work. The native user interface is powerful and intuitive. But if you’d rather tap the power from VMware, then the HP OneView for VMware vCenter is for you. You can also customize to your data center workflows with full-featured RESTful APIs.

Hand-offs vs. hands-off

Traditional IT is all about hand-offs. If you're an IT service owner or IT infrastructure generalist who wants to deploy resources for a new business service, you must complete a sequence of steps and silo owner interactions to provision the appropriate resources. You usually need to tackle these steps in a specific order. If anything is not quite working correctly, you may have to go back and consult with each of the silo owners multiple times.

With HP OneView, each of the subject-matter experts (providers) is able to define what compute, storage and networking components should look like as templates. You, as the IT service owner IT or infrastructure generalist (consumer), can then compose infrastructure resources from the pre-defined templates. This one-step process is a much more rapid and less error prone experience. In addition, the mechanism for flexing and updating those resources is embedded in the resource definition, reducing the complexity associated with changing resources once they are in place.

Try HP OneView

It’s not surprising that demand continues to explode for HP OneView. Our customers are leveraging infrastructure and existing tools and consoles such as VMware vSphere. Businesses are realizing better outcomes and users are experiencing the benefits. And the awards for HP just keep piling up.

Why not take a look at HP OneView? And see for yourself what others are experiencing.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Find the lastest on HPE OneView for vCenter with this Google search link.

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