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HP Software-Defined Storage adds a mighty Arrow to our quiver


JRsmallJ.jpgBy Janet Runberg, SDS Sales Enablement Manager, HP Storage


Great news: HP and Arrow Electronics are teaming up to arm resellers with HP Software-Defined Storage lead-generation tools and training as part of the “Nitro” channel program, first announced last fall as a joint initiative with Intel. The target: your data centers, where we can help you transition to a simple software-defined infrastructure.


Last September, HP launched 1st Terabyte's On Us (code name “Nitro”), providing HP StoreVirtual VSA 1TB licenses at no cost to customers who purchase Intel Xeon processor-based servers from any vendor. All around the world, tens of thousands of you have taken advantage of our free VSA software to help you get started in server virtualization and software-defined storage (SDS).


Now we’re expanding Nitro into a broader program that provides channel-focused products, training and marketing materials to our distribution partners, starting with Arrow in the U.S. The program makes it easy for Arrow resellers to get the expertise they need to help customers transform their organizations—and easy for reseller customers like you to learn about and try out HP SDS solutions, risk free.


Pinpointing the value in HP SDS technology

I’m excited about working with Arrow, because they understand the importance of flexible, scale-target-3arrows.jpgout SDS solutions in today’s data centers. We hear you asking for new technologies to address fluctuating workloads and remote office resource limitations—business issues that demand a new approach. Arrow has zeroed in on software-defined technology. That’s why they set up HP solution training sessions for resellers all over the U.S., and created an extensive campaign and microsite to help get the word out—with focused lead nurturing and promotion for organizations at different stages in their transformation journey. The operative word here is FOCUSED—making sure that you get materials designed to guide your investigation and deployment of HP SDS.


Delivering a proven portfolio

I don’t want to speak for Arrow, but I’m pretty sure they’re excited about working with us, too, and not just because of my endless witty puns on their company name. Smiley Happy


If you are a regular follower of HP SDS blog posts, you’re familiar with StoreVirtual VSA (here’s a blueprint that introduces VSA for those who aren’t yet). At the simplest level, VSA is software that you install on servers running VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V or Linux KVM. StoreVirtual VSA uses capacity that’s available to the hypervisor and turns it into shared storage. In other words, it creates a virtual shared storage array inside your server without the need for a dedicated SAN. Install it on one server or many, and VSA lets you manage your whole storage infrastructure through a single console.


We know that more and more of you are looking at converged solutions like this when you refresh your infrastructure. According to a recent ESG survey, roughly half of today's IT customers are interested in moving toward SDS and hyper-converged solutions. IT administrators are opting for extra disk space, purchasing VSA licenses, and deploying shared storage within their servers. Before you know it, they have updated servers and storage in one swoop – and for a reasonable cost. For more extensive data center or remote location refreshes, we make it extra easy with our hyper-converged systems. The HP ConvergedSystem 200-HC StoreVirtual appliance is pre-configured with servers, storage, networking and a wizard that sets you up in minutes. And because it’s built on StoreVirtual technology, it’s interoperable with the standalone VSA.


ITPC-storage-siteJ.jpgIt’s all about collaboration

HP StoreVirtual storage is a natural fit for any server refresh or virtualization project—whether you’re setting up a new converged infrastructure, equipping remote sites with data storage, or simply looking to repurpose aging servers. Arrow understands the new world of software-defined and hyper-converged infrastructures. Together we are collaborating to help spread the word about the growing HP SDS portfolio and opportunities in this hot market.


You can see why I am so excited: You are searching for a more flexible, adaptable IT environment. HP has proven solutions ready to go. And now, together with our distributors, we’re delivering technology that can transform your business. I think you get the point. I know Arrow does. (You saw that coming, didn’t you! Smiley Happy)


Visit Arrow’s microsite at:


Learn more about HP’s 1st Terabyte’s On Us program and watch the StoreVirtual VSA Installation & Configuration

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We have always loved the P4000 VSA and shared your excitement. It is a really shame with the SANIQ release that the licensing has gone term/subscription based.


Much harder to get excited about these announcements when the licensing above 1TB now becomes a serious road block.


Its not as if you can even buy it monthly/yearly as you can with other subscription services. HP only offer 3 and 5 year options. Completely defeats the object of a software subscription based solution.


Bring back perpetual licensing with the 3/5 year support terms please


Michael - thanks for your feedback. In fact we are in the process of updating our StoreVirtual VSA and are considering your suggestions along with similar feedback from other customers. I can't give details now but this will be the first place to check on to learn about our announceemnts. Thanks again!