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HP Storage and Veritas: delivering a proven track record for efficient data protection solutions


By Ian Blatchford, Product Manager, HP StoreOnce   @LottaBytes

Over the past few weeks, we have had several BURA Sunday blogs talking about HP StoreOnce solutions with our data protection software partners. For this week’s blog, I’ll continue that theme with some news about StoreOnce and one of our longest data protection software partner products: Veritas Backup Exec.

Here at HP Storage, we invest a huge amount in testing solutions. By definition, some of the more complex solutions are for backup, recovery and archiving (BURA). The scope spans from the business applications and data that are being protected to the storage of the backup data. This is done in the context of growing amounts of data to protect and the need for backup operations to not impact productive processes. The solution must deliver the number of restore points and speed of restore and recovery that this business considers acceptable to minimize potential downsides from data loss.


What’s new?

One of the most recent solutions tested has been built using Veritas Backup Exec 15 and StoreOnce v2Catalysticon_28308x220_29_tcm245_1928687_tcm245_1913201_tcm245-1928687.jpgappliances. Thorough testing covered multiple data types and backup interfaces. As a Backup Exec user, you can configure Virtual Tape, NAS and HP StoreOnce Catalyst interfaces on your StoreOnce systems as backup targets. (Keep in mind that Catalyst offers the greatest flexibility and performance of the available interfaces.)


We’ve summarized the test results for Backup Exec and StoreOnce Catalyst in this technical white paper: Protecting server data with Backup Exec 15 and HP StoreOnce appliances.


What does Veritas Backup Exec do?

Veritas.jpegBackup Exec can protect Windows, Linux and Mac data. Our testing and the resulting solution brief, focused on best practices and recommendations for backup and recovery solutions for Windows environments. More details and test results are provided in the white paper to support the following recommendations:

  • Use of StoreOnce appliances increases storage utilization. The inline deduplication means you store more backup data on less storage as compared to traditional backup storage devices.
  • Choose a weekly full and daily incremental backup schedule to increase the availability of your server resources for productive activities.
  • Use StoreOnce deduplication-optimized copy for cost effective movement of your backup data offsite. The Backup Exec Storage Backup Policies make it easy to manage the movement of backup data to StoreOnce appliance in a remote facility. This facilitates simple recovery in the event of a local disaster.
  • Backup your data in parallel to finish sooner. Configuring Backup Exec to protect many servers simultaneously to HP StoreOnce can significantly improve backup speed.


We also recommend a periodic copy to tape as the most cost-effective and robust solution for long-term archival of data to meet regulatory requirements of offsite storage for DR where data replication is not an option. As shown here, copying the StoreOnce data to HP StoreEver Tape is done by creating a Duplicate Backup Policy in Backup Exec 15. The duplicate backup policy contains two operations, the first being a backup to the StoreOnce appliance and the second a duplication copy to tape



To enable this solution , grab the zero-cost plug-in here:


This HP OST Plug-in for Veritas Backup Exec enables the tight integration between HP StoreOnce Backup appliances and Backup Exec software through the StoreOnce Catalyst interface. You will need to install the plug-in on each Backup Exec Media Server that is connected to a HP StoreOnce appliance.


The latest compatibility information for Backup Exec and StoreOnce appliances is available on

BURA Compatibility Matrix  page and here in the Hardware Compatibility Matrix for Backup Exec.


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HP StoreOnce Catalyst

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