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HP Storage in South Africa - and a few wild animals!

on ‎02-28-2014 10:21 AM

CJZ Headshot fixed 150 x 150.jpgBy Calvin Zito, @HPStorageGuy  vExpert 2011, 2012, 2013.png


To say I was a little excited about being invited to speak at a customer event by our HP Storage team in South Africa is a bit understated.  When they first asked me, I asked them "do you really mean me"?  Well, they did and I'm back from an unbelievable trip.  In this post, I'll briefly talk about all the fun I had, point to video and pictures I have of my weekend at Kruger National Park and share a podcast I did with Aptronics, an HP partner I met with in Johannesburg.


Planes, trains, and automobiles

Ok - the only train I took was between terminals at an airport but it was a very long trip for me to get to entrance of Kruger National Park in South Africa.  42 hours to be exact.  I didn't pay attention to the itinerary I booked and had a 7 hour layover in San Francisco.  That ended up being a good thing because I did get a bunch of things done preparing for the event in Johannesburg. 


I flew into Johannesburg, South Africa and caught a small commuter plane to Nelspruit where I rented a car and headed for the Crocodile Bridge entrance into Kruger National Park.


The call of the wild

If you've never been to an African wild animal park, I HIGHLY recommend you putting it on your bucket list.  Within an hour of entering the park, I saw hippos, rhinos, elephants, African buffalo, impala, bushpigs, wildebeest, and zebra.  Over the course of the two days, I also saw giraffe, turtles, cheetah, leopard, baboons, warthogs, Southern Ground Hornbills (an endangered species), vervet monkeys, crocodile, hyena, waterbuck, kudo, and all kinds of birds.  It was amazing!  I stayed in Lower Sabie (thanks to the recommendation of my colleagues Jim Haberkorn and Kim Howlett - Kim a native South African and Jim had lived there for a while) which was probably the best decision I made as there was never a shortage of animals around the camp.


I have a few videos on my personal YouTube channel with more coming.  The ones there now show rhinos, elephants, giraffe, zebra, impala, and cheetahs.  I'm still get goosebumps thinking about and I think you'll enjoy the videos so here they are (on a YouTube playlist). 



I also have a bunch of pictures on my Flickr account  - there are over 200 pictures but here's a "best of":



If you want to see all of the pictures I took (255 of them), here's a link to the full set on Flickr. While my photography skills need some work, there are a lot of great pictures!


On to business

Aptronics.jpgI spent a couple of days in Johannesburg - yes, actually working - and here's one of the podcasts I want to share with you.  I met with HP partner Aptronics where they told me a bit about what is going on in IT in South Africa and how they are having a lot of success with HP Storage.   Here's that podcast.



If you rather download this as a podcast, right click here and save the MP3 file. You can also subscribe to my podcast on iTunes - go to the iTunes store and search for "Around the Storage Block" or you can open this link and click on the "View in iTunes" button under my picture.


I have another podcast and I'll talk more about the event in Johannesburg in my next blog post.  


Best VMware blog voting

I wanted to wrap up by telling you about voting for the top VMware blogs.  While not every blog post I do is focused on VMware, I do talk about VMware a lot.  ATSB has been one of the top voted storage-focused blogs by vSphere-land voters.  If you have a few minutes, check out the voting and if you enjoy Around the Storage Block, cast a vote for it! 


Have a good weekend!

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