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HP StoreOnce 6500: Driving industry leadership with highly resilient backup


Ashwin2J.jpgBy Ashwin Shetty, Product Marketing, HP Storage


Last BURA Sunday I talked about our innovative approach to protecting your data in virtualized or remote environments with StoreOnce VSA. Today I’m shifting the focus to the other end of the spectrum: protecting data in large or fast growing enterprises. I don’t have to tell you that the pace of business is accelerating and your company has to move toward a real-time business model—one where transactions and information sharing are near instantaneous. This transition is increasing demands on not only the performance and scalability of the underlying IT infrastructure but also availability and reliability. As process timelines are compressed from weeks or days to hours, minutes or even seconds, the cost of downtime skyrockets. Almost all aspects of today’s business environment rely on the uninterrupted availability of platforms, applications and data.


Why reliability and availability are critical to your backup solution

For data protection, especially in enterprise environments, reliability and availability are critical aspects of a backup solution. While performance and system capacity are often highlighted on specification sheets, you’ll often notice a lack of information around the resiliency of a solution in the backup and restore environment. Availability is different from reliability and most vendors will claim that they can ensure data is not lost—but they do not provide high availability access to data at all times. This leaves your IT administrators and users unable to backup or restore in the event of a controller failure.


What HP StoreOnce 6500 resiliency features

6500.jpgHP StoreOnce 6500 Backup provides high-end resiliency features with high availabilty to ensure that your backups will not fail and that your backups will restart in the event of a failure. StoreOnce 6500 is enterprise class data protection at its finest providing highly resilient protection for all your protected data, whether in the central data center, disaster recovery site or remote and branch offices.


First, let’s talk about automatic restart and node failover features:

  • The StoreOnce 6500 backup systems provides active/active configuration across multiple controllers with access to all data during a node failover.
  • Integration with HP Data Protector and other backup applications provides additional capabilities to restart backup applications after a failover between StoreOnce 6500 controllers with a couplet. 

More HP StoreOnce 6500 features:

  • RAID 6 is implemented as the minimum redundancy level so that each RAID set can survive a double disk failure.
  • The front-end controllers (nodes) within a couplet are configured in failover mode so that even if one controller fails, all critical non-replaceable aspects of that controller are transparently moved to another controller and the failed controller is disabled.
  • The dual storage controllers have cache mirroring between the RAID controllers. If a controller fails data is preserved and is written to the media by the other controller.
  • Dual paths between controllers and the disk drives provide additional redundancy
  • Each couplet includes 8 hot-spare drives to protect against a disk failure.
  • Dual power supplies and fans, ensuring the hardware continues to operate at full performance if a power supply or fan goes offline.
  • Each controller (node) has mirrored system disks to store the device operating system software.
  • Each controller has at least two front-end ports per port type to support your existing external LAN/SAN fabrics. In case of a failure, there is still full access to every node in the device.
  • Hot add of server node or storage can be done without scheduled downtime.

What’s more, to meet mandatory government legislations concerning data security, StoreOnce provides encryption capabilities both on data at rest and in flight, as well as secure erase so you know your data is secure at all times.


These features and functionality are all part of what HP terms Integrity Plus, ensuring your data is safe, secure and can be backed up or more importantly restored at any time.


Learn more

StoreOnce data sheet

StoreOnce 6500


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