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HP StoreOnce VSA: Software-defined data protection for your virtualized environments


Ashwin2J.jpgBy Ashwin Shetty, Product Marketing, HP Storage


I’m excited about VMworld next week, especially given the way software-defined storage is changing the way organizations implement storage technology. Since we are so close to VMworld, let me focus specifically on data protection—and give you a bit more information on some of the things you can expect to see and hear from us at the big VMware event this week in San Francisco.

The exponential growth of data has forced your organization to look for cost-effective data protection solutions for your virtualized environments whether in the data center or in small and remote offices. Most vendors provide data deduplication solution that requires dedicated storage hardware. This isn’t always a cost-effective solution for remote/virtualized environments. To address this issue while providing greater flexibility, HP has extended the StoreOnce family to provide a software-defined backup solution: HP StoreOnce VSA.


StoreOnce deep dive

StoreOnce VSA is hardware agnostic and can be easily deployed as a VM on existing industry standard server infrastructures. With StoreOnce VSA, you can reduce capital expenses of backup storage up to 86% when compared to a dedicated backup appliance. It runs the same software as the physical StoreOnce appliance, shares the same data services, including cross-family replication, backup application integration, federated deduplication and security features. At the same time, for remote unattended sites it is an ideal way to avoid the installation and subsequent maintenance of unnecessary hardware.


At VMworld this year, we are bringing you more exciting StoreOnce VSA enhancements.

  • Low entry cost data protection: A new StoreOnce VSA 4TB model allows customers to protect smaller volumes of data at very low entry cost. The 4TB VSA has all the same features of the 10TB VSA and is scalable in increments of 1TB.
  • Broader virtual eco-system support: StoreOnce VSA is now optimized for Microsoft Hyper-V along with VMware vSphere environments. This prevents hypervisor lock-in for organizations and enables cost-optimized data protection in mixed hypervisor environments. 
  • Enhanced security features: StoreOnce VSA now supports HP Integrity Plus data security from end-to-end, similar to physical StoreOnce appliances. This includes support for On-disk and in-flight data encryption, VLAN tagging and secure erase. All these features are licensed for use without the need for any additional licenses.

Now let’s look at the overall benefits of deploying a StoreOnce VSA in your remote/virtualized environments


Exceptional value

  • Eliminates the need for any dedicated hardware appliances.
  • Includes StoreOnce Catalyst and Replication licenses with no additional license costs required.
  • As part of the StoreOnce product family, StoreOnce VSA provides the flexibility to select from virtual and physical appliances with price-performance points that suits all requirements from virtualized environments to enterprise data centers.
  • Optimized for VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V environments,
  • Delivers capability to scale your VSAs as your data grow—StoreOnce VSAs scale up to 4TB or 10TB of usable capacity configured in increments of 1TB.
  • Bundled with security features like on-disk in-flight data encryption and VLAN tagging with no additional licensing required.


Federated deduplication

  • With StoreOnce your organization has a single deduplication technology that can be deployed across the enterprise. A single deduplication algorithm saves time and money as all data movement—whether backup, replication or restore—is controlled by the backup application and there is no need to rehydrate data.
  • Data can be moved concurrently from StoreOnce VSA in small and remote sites and backed up over the WAN to one or more regional offices and data centers by utilizing cost-effective, low-bandwidth links.

Deployment options

  • Low-cost backup of virtualized offices means you can set up the backup server and storage appliance to be delivered virtually. The deduplicated data within the VSA can be replicated from the remote offices to a larger physical StoreOnce appliance at the data center.
  • Backup as a Service for Solution Providers, meaning that as a cloud provider, you’ll have the opportunity to offer subscribers who don’t already have a deduplication solution to utilize StoreOnce VSAs for high-speed local recovery—with your existing backup software of choice, And then replicate the data via Federated Deduplication to the service provider’s StoreOnce repository. You can also offer individual StoreOnce VSA per subscriber. Each subscriber will have a completely autonomous deduplication appliance within the cloud—with no need to replace backup software.


Easy to manage

  • StoreOnce VSA is easy to manage locally and centrally. StoreOnce Enterprise Manager (SEM) is a centralized management solution for physical and virtual StoreOnce devices. It can manage up to 400 physical and virtual StoreOnce devices across multiple sites. It provides monitoring, reporting and it integrates with the StoreOnce GUI for single pane-of-glass management.
  • StoreOnce VSA can be deployed remotely in the data center without visiting the location where it is to be deployed.
  • StoreOnce VSA can be configured in Ethernet environments with StoreOnce Catalyst, VTL and as NAS (CIFS or NFS) backup targets.


StoreOnce VSA comes with a three-year license that includes the whole capacity, so there is no need to acquire additional licenses. The license also includes replication functionality, StoreOnce Catalyst and security features along with three years of HP support for peace of mind.

Wait—there’s more

Attractively priced StoreOnce VSA appears almost too good to be true. We encourage you to try our free 60-day evaluation of StoreOnce VSA (URL updated to It is simple to download and configure and you can then purchase the license once you are satisfied.

 Learn more

Learn more on the StoreOnce VSA page: StoreOnce VSA (Link updated to URL)


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