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HP StoreVirtual Hybrid Storage drives stronger price per performance over competitors


JB.jpgBy Jessica Burton, Worldwide Product Marketing Manager, HP StoreVirtual


Earlier this month, IOmark and Evaluator Group released audited benchmark results for HP StoreVirtual 4335 Hybrid Storage. Based on the IOmark-VM benchmark for virtual machine workloads, the HP StoreVirtual supports 152 simultaneous virtual applications that translate into an average cost of $542.22 per application using a 2-node configuration. Cost information was based on list pricing to determine cost per instance.


Russ Fellows, a senior partner with the Evaluator Group, explained, “HP StoreVirtual performed veryStoreVirtual_productJ.jpg well on a per-node basis and with its scale-out capabilities is able to scale up performance and capacity linearly to meet increased virtual machine needs. We have tested other hybrid arrays without HP’s advanced functionality or scale. The StoreVirtual 4335 delivered 20-to-25% better price/performance than competing systems.”


Testing real-world workloads

IOmark-VM tests recreated multiple instances of a standard set of virtual applications, driving actual I/O streams rather than simulations or synthetic workloads. IOmark-VM measures a standard set of applications running in a virtual machine environment. The results are audited to ensure uniform testing and reporting of results. This enables IT users to compare products using metrics that matter: price, capacity and application performance.


The application mix for the virtual machine (VM) benchmark includes databases, webservers and Microsoft Exchange mail servers plus for each 21 workloads. It includes one instance of clone, deploy, boot, software upgrade, VM deletion and storage migration (aka Storage vMotion) between storage volumes. Per the benchmark specifications, the StoreVirtual 4335 supported 152 applications with a mean response time of 4.77 milli-seconds.


See for yourself

HP results are available on the IOmark Results website. And in this short video, Russ gives an overview of IOmark.




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