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HP unleashes 16Gbps Fibre Channel connectivity for HP BladeSystem c-Class


By Rohan Viegas, Worldwide Product Management, HP Storage


What’s driving ever-higher I/O and bandwidth requirements in the data center? How about:

  • High-density blade server virtualization
  • Increased server memory density
  • Faster multi-core server processors
  • Rapid adoption of solid-state drives (SSDs)

 All reasons why you need high performance, high capacity and a reliable storage area network (SAN) to deploy enterprise-class applications on blade servers. And here’s how to get what you need:


Gen 5 Fibre Channel: Introducing the new Brocade 16 Gb SAN Switch for HP BladeSystem c-Class

This is HP´s first 16 Gb FC embedded switch offering for the HP BladeSystem c-class enclosure. Brocade 16Gb SAN Switch for HP BladeSystem c-Class represents the next generation of FC SAN infrastructure for HP BladeSystem customers. It hot-plugs into the back of the HP BladeSystem c-Class Enclosure and provides industry leading performance with an aggregate full duplex bandwidth of 896 Gbps.


Additionally, it can be integrated with HP Onboard Administrator for BladeSystem, HP Systems Insight Manager and HP Storage Essentials and leverages HP StoreFabric B-series management and monitoring tools. It is available in 16-port, 28-port and 28-port Power Pack+ Full Fabric models. It also supports unique features such as enhanced port diagnostics, compression, encryption, inter-switch links (ISL) and ISL trunking.


This new ChalkTalk from HPStorageGuy Calvin Zito offers more details and benefits on this latest addition to our StoreFabric Storage Networking portfolio:





The path to cloud architectures based on HP BladeSystem c-Class

Compared with 8Gb FC infrastructure, the low latency, higher bandwidth and greater IOPS performance offered by HP StoreFabric 16 Gb FC infrastructure maximizes the number of virtual hosts per physical server and unleashes the full performance of flash-optimized storage, SSD and 16 Gbps-capable storage. The Brocade 16 Gb SAN Switch for HP BladeSystem c-Class offers improved monitoring, diagnostic and RAS features such as diagnostic ports (D_Ports) that help identify and isolate optics and cable problems to reduce deployment and diagnostic times in data centers.


16 Gb FC Infrastructure means a 50% reduction in the number of links and switch ports in comparison with 8 Gb FC Infrastructure resulting in lower capital expenditure. In addition, the reduction of cables means less troubleshooting and re-cabling. 16 Gb FC Infrastructure also provides a 25% reduction in power consumption, thus helping to cut down operating expenses significantly. All these features support your organization´s strategy to transition to cloud architectures based on HP BladeSystem c-Class.


Read more about the Brocade 16 Gb SAN Switch for HP BladeSystem c-class.


About the Author


Our team of Hewlett Packard Enterprise storage experts helps you to dive deep into relevant infrastructure topics.


Great content as usual Rohan and Calvin!Smiley Very Happy

Very insightful stuff guys.  Nice work.  The "HP StoreFabric B-series Gen5 Fibre Channel SAN Infrastructure" video by Wirestone is another great complimentary piece.  Keep it up!!!


Thanks Jared and Scott. With the introduction of the new Gen5 Fibre channel switch for HP Bladesystem c-Class, HP StoreFabric now has a complete Gen5 fibre channel switch portfolio. Let´s keep the momentum on Gen5 Fibre Channel going. As always, thanks for your support.

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