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HPE Apollo 4000 and Scality deliver a modern surveillance solution to Irish Prison Services

Capturing video data and retaining this data for years is an emerging use-case across several industry verticals, and requires re-thinking of your IT strategy. Learn more about HPE’s approach to video data management in this case study featuring the Irish Prison Service.

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Nowadays, video data could be from high-definition cameras which can run into petabytes very quickly. Most organizations manage hundreds or even thousands of such cameras, either within the facility or throughout cities for a variety of applications. Video data can be used for a variety of purposes, for example, facility monitoring, surveillance, and documentation for future investigations. Enterprises have to store this data in large quantities, and then count on it for important evidence purposes. They often need to run analytics and apply machine learning to extract value from it, and it must be stored securely to prevent tampering, and should be easily retrievable when the need arises.

There are a few places this use-case of video surveillance becomes more important than in a prison system. This is a perfect example of a scenario where high-definition video needs to be captured for safety and security of prison staff as well as of prisoners, and needs to be done economically, reliably and securely. But capturing and storing this video data can easily lead to infrastructure sprawl and data management challenges for IT.

The Irish Prison Service operates approximately 5000 cameras across 12 prison facilities in Ireland. These are high-definition cameras that continuously capture video footage which is then stored for a minimum of four years. The critical nature of capturing this data is to be able to use it for any incident investigation within that amount of time.

To effectively manage the vast amount of unstructured video data, they needed an infrastructure that made ingesting vast amounts of unstructured video data, which was archived on their private cloud for four years, secure, scalable, and easy to manage. As George Jackson, Head of ICT at Irish Prison Service, stated “Video data has a huge impact on the safety and security of our staff and prisoners. People’s lives are at stake in extreme cases. Therefore, it’s hugely important that there are safeguards around how the data is stored and secured. HPE and Scality provide us with assurance that those safeguards are in place and that they will work.”

The Irish Prison Service solution is a great demonstration of how customers get extremely dense and flexible infrastructure in HPE Apollo 4000 Systems, along with the right data durability and security with Scality RING.

HPE Apollo 4000 Systems provide the flexibility to insert new storage drives – SSDs or HDDs – directly into the drive bays, without taking apart the entire rack. This makes it easy to upgrade, making it simpler to service for IT. The compute power, storage capacity and networking on these systems can be optimized to the specific workloads that they are intended to be used for – in this case it is leveraged to archive vast amounts of unstructured video data.

Scality’s RING software, on the other hand, manages data replication between environments separated across geographies, and automatic deletion of data is based on pre-set policies. Their unique licensing based on usable data makes data replication across sites extremely economical. As additional sites are added beyond the main site, you only pay for the add-on hardware to store that data. There is no incremental software cost to replicate the same data. Moreover, Scality offers flexible licensing options for its software on all HPE Apollo 4000 System, with a choice between a hardware-lifetime license, and a perpetual license – regardless of the hardware version it runs on. Lastly, HPE pre-validates Scality RING with the underlying HPE Apollo 4000 Systems to ensure the whole product meets the standards you have come to expect of us. The value of this combined approach, along with its economics, makes the solution ideal for use-cases such as video surveillance.

Moreover, to make your experience seamless and agile, this combined solution is also offered in an as-a-service consumption-based model with HPE GreenLake. GreenLake provides the added flexibility you require to adjust to the changing needs of your organization. You pay only for the capacity you use and scale as you need more. As a result, you can bring the cloud experience to your datacenter, simplifying operations and giving you financial flexibility so you can free-up capital for innovation.

Click here to learn more about how HPE Apollo 4000 Systems and Scality achieved real outcomes for the Irish Prison Service.

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