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HPE Cloud Volumes Backup explained: a Chalk Talk and a podcast


We have announced HPE Cloud Volumes Backup at Discover Virtual Experience. As I write this blog, I'm watching a 20 minute session, Session F440 titled "Data Protection as-a-Service, delivered" with our VP of our Cloud Data Services HPE Cloud Volumes Backup_209964235.pngAshish Prakash as well as a customer talking about using HPE Cloud Volumes. You should check that out.

In this post, I wanted to share with you a Chalk Talk and a podcast I did to help you learn more about HPE Cloud Volumes Backup. I'll also point you to a few other things so you can learn more. 

The Chalk Talk

This doesn't need any explanation so I'll just give you this to watch - I think it's a concise 5 minutes talking through the challenges with cloud backup today, and the looking at HPE Cloud Volumes Backup. 

Diving deeper with a podcast

I also have a podcast that I did with Neil Fleming who runs product management and business development on Ashish's team. Neil has a technical background and used to work on our data protection team (meaning HPE StoreOnce and Recovery Manager Central) so he has a deep background in data protection technologies. 

I do recommend this podcast if you are wanting to understand more about how HPE Cloud Volumes can help you simplify and reduct the costs of your backup environment.

Click here to listen to the podcast now.

You can also download my podcast and listen to it later. 

To subscribe to the podcast, open this link and click on the "View in iTunes" button under my picture. If you don't use iTunes, you can find my podcast on, Google Play Music., and I just added  the podcast to Spotify Podcast, and Stitcher On Google, you'll get "invited" to try Google Play Music for 30 days. Just click "no thanks" to get past this and get to the podcast.

Here's the agenda of what we covered in the 25 minute podcast:

  • 0:00: Introductions
  • 01:00: What is HPE Cloud Volumes Block and Cloud Volumes Backup?
  • 04:25: What is the Catalyst API – a deep dive into what it is and it’s benefits
  • 08:25: HPE Cloud Volumes Backup options for existing HPE Storage customers.
  • 11:40: A bit of a side trip about how does data move from Cloud Volumes Backup or Block and does Cloud Volumes have egress charges?
  • 13:40: Using backup ISVs with HPE Cloud Volumes Backup – what are the additional benefits?
  • 15:30: Looking closer at HPE Cloud Volumes Backup with Veeam; mention of Commvault too
  • 20:30: We say you can start HPE Cloud Volumes Backup in 5 minutes – how is that possible?
  • 22:25: What has been the reception of Cloud Volumes Backup with customers?
  • 23:45: Where is the Cloud Volumes portal, where can customers find pricing and getting a free trial of it.
  • 25:00 Wrap-up

Get even more

There were three blog posts yesterday that If you want to read about Cloud Volumes Backup, I'll point you to those:

  • I mentioned Ashish Prakish and his Discover session. He also is the author or the newsroom blog, New cloud data protection services from Hewlett Packard Enterprise deliver agility and unlock innovation. His article talks about on-premises options for data protection with HPE GreenLake and also introduces Cloud Volumes Backup.  
  • Check out the article from Jenna Colleran of our product marketing team, Realizing the true potential of hybrid cloud. It's a great introduction to Data Protection as-a-Service with Cloud Volumes. Jenna's blog has links to other resources. 
  • Whenever I've wanted to put someone technical and smart in front of blogger/influencers to talk about cloud data services, I've turned to Dianne Gonzalez. She has an article diving into technical details, HPE Cloud Volumes Backup: Enterprise cloud data protection for the modern enterprise. I helped her get a couple of technical demos published that show Cloud Volumes Backup in action. Dianne is the Principal Technical Marketing Engineer for HPE Cloud Volumes.
  • Want to try it out yourself? To try out HPE Cloud Volumes services for free, take advantage of the promotion running now until July 31st, 2020. Details can be found here. You can get 10TB for free for 90 days. 

Discover Discover

I want to remind you that Discover Virtual Experience is a multi-week event and starting July 6th, there will be more Storage sessions that will pushed out for your enlightenment! That will include a live Storage Spotlight session with our new SVP and GM of HPE Storage, Tom Black. Here's more on it: HPE Storage Strategy and Vision – Using Data To Power Transformation, July 8th at 10 AM PDT, Session LB513 (90 minutes). Join Tom along with key customers and senior storage business leaders, as they discuss how you can leverage data to transform your enterprise. 

If you haven't already registered for it, do it now at It's been a great event so far and all the feedback I've heard has been very positive. 

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