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HPE GreenLake news and updates from Discover Virtual Experience


We've covered the storage focused news from Discover here on ATSB. In this post, I wanted to highlight the HPE HPE GreenLake news podcast.pngGreenLake news we had. I have a podcast with Don Randall who works on our HPE GreenLake team. To summarize things, we announced HPE GreenLake cloud services for containers; machine learning operations; virtual machines, storage, and compute; data protection; and the intelligent edge. They come in small, medium, and large configurations, and can be delivered in as few as 14 days. Don and I dive into this in the podcast.  

There's a high level overview of what we announced on the Cloud Experience Everywhere blog. That article is titled Transform your apps and data, wherever they reside: Introducing HPE GreenLake cloud services

I have a podcast that I did with Don at VMworld 2019 talking about VMware Cloud Foundation as a Service with HPE GreenLake last Fall. This is a good compliment to that podcast. 

Here's the podcast with the HPE GreenLake news.

Here's also a link where you can download the MP3 file of the podcast

To subscribe to the podcast, open this link and click on the "View in iTunes" button under my picture. If you don't use iTunes, you can find my podcast on, Google Play Music., and I just added  the podcast to Spotify Podcast, and Stitcher On Google, you'll get "invited" to try Google Play Music for 30 days. Just click "no thanks" to get past this and get to the podcast.

To help guide you through the podcast, here's what Don and I discused:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:00: What is HPE GreenLake?
  • 02:15: How is HPE GreenLake doing in the market?
  • 03:45: Nth Generation winning 2020 as-a-Service partner of the year
  • 05:00: 70% of apps are still on-premises, outside of the public cloud. Why?
  • 07:00: How can HPE GreenLake be feasible outside of an enterprise IT data center, for example, on the edge?
  • 08:45: What did HPE GreenLake announce at HPE Discover?
  • 14:45: How can HPE GreenLake ship a solution to customers in 14 days?
  • 16:30: What is HPE GreenLake Central?
  • 20:00: What are the benefits that customers are seeing with HPE GreenLake?
  • 22:35: The vision of what we have with HPE GreenLake seems to be really clear after this announcement. What has changed?
  • 24:45: Where to find more about HPE GreenLake and wrap-up

What a couple blogger-influencers said

I saw a couple of videos from our VIP (blogger-influencer) Community that participated in Discover Virtual Experience. These are both worth your time to check out. 

Keith Townsend, @CTOAdvisor: HPE vs Dell Cloud Stories - Who's Winning?

Markus Leinonen, @MarkusLeinonen: HPE Discover 2020 - When HPE became a CLOUD company!

Discover Storage this week!

I want to remind you that Discover Virtual Experience is a multi-week event and starting July 8th, there will be more Storage sessions that will be available. You can get all the details in my blog post. Be sure to join the live Storage Spotlight session with our new SVP and GM of HPE Storage, Tom Black: HPE Storage Strategy and Vision – Using Data To Power Transformation, July 8th at 10 AM PDT, Session LB513 (90 minutes). 

If you haven't already registered for it, do it now at It's been a great event so far and all the feedback I've heard has been very positive. 

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