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HPE InfoSight introduces cross-stack analytics for Hyper-V, enhances AI Recommendation Engine

Learn how HPE InfoSight continues to get smarter by introducing cross-stack analytics for Hyper-V, and further enhancing the capabilities of our AI Recommendation Engine.

shutterstock_1026258037.jpgAs an IT administrator, you know how hard it has become to investigate and troubleshoot issues impacting workload and application performance. More often than not, you end up stitching metrics and logs from different layers of the infrastructure and software stacks, spending countless hours on evaluating 100s of metrics and variables to hunt for the root cause.

A few years ago, HPE InfoSight introduced cross-stack analytics for VMware to help analyze and troubleshoot issues caused by the complex interactions between the virtualization and the storage layer. VMware integration became one of the best-loved feature as it helped thousands of customers resolve VM performance issues with that capability.

Today, we are adding another dimension to our cross-stack analytics by introducing support for Hyper-V based environments. In addition, we are enhancing the AI Recommendation Engine to monitor the performance of your Nimble arrays, 24x7. We are also adding new visualizations and recommendations for past day and past week for your storage pools.

Introducing cross-stack analytics for Hyper-V

Customers often tell me that troubleshooting infrastructure performance issues for workloads deployed on virtualized infrastructure is challenging, as virtualization obfuscates the relationship between VMs and underlying storage. Cross-stack analytics for Hyper-V offer complete topology visibility from clusters to Hyper-V hosts, to VMs to clustered shared volumes (CSVs), and to physical volumes on your arrays and vice-versa.

We have also built deep analytics to help with the following common problem scenarios:

  • “Noisy” neighbor detection: As VMs often compete for resources in a virtualized deployment, it becomes essential to analyze the utilization of shared resources within a virtualized cluster. VM-contention analysis offers the ability to detect contention among shared I/O, CPU & Memory resources.

 Figure 1.png

  • “Needle in the Haystack” analysis: In an environment spanning 100s to 1000s of VMs it is often an arduous task to figure out where to look. With “VM I/O contention Treemap” InfoSight presents a bird’s-eye view of your environment to help isolate problematic VM(s),

Figure 2.png

  • Capacity Management: Planning and managing storage capacity for VMs is a time-consuming task. VM capacity growth trends gives you the insights you need to manage capacity.

Figure 3.png

To learn more in-depth information, including how to enable/deploy cross-stack analytics for Hyper-V, please refer to Hyper-V Analytics for HPE InfoSight – get to know your newest power tool!

Enhanced AI Recommendation Engine

A couple of years ago, we introduced the “AI Recommendations Engine” to help customers troubleshoot storage performance issues. This engine works by leveraging learnings from the global installed base, identifying potential root cause, and suggesting actions to fix issues.

To learn more about how this machine learning based engine works, you may want to check out this awesome blog, How AI and Machine Learning Work: A Lightboard Demonstration of HPE InfoSight, authored by my colleague Sajjit Thampy.

Last month, we extended the AI Recommendations Engine to deliver:

  • Recommended tasks: AI Recommendation Engine now monitors all your storage pools 24x7 and provides actionable “Recommended Actions” on your operational dashboard.

Figure 4.png

  • Promoted AI recommendations to storage pools: Taking the guesswork out of performance troubleshooting, AI performance recommendations for past day and past week are now directly available on the storage pools performance tab.

To learn more, I highly recommend checking out this video, Demo AI based recommendations for fixing array performance issues, now available in InfoSight!

If this sounds interesting to you, please reach out to your HPE account rep. We’d love for you to see how HPE InfoSight enables new possibilities for your business.

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