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HPE InfoSight Predictive Analytics.jpgI've been binging on HPE InfoSight demos for my last few blog posts. The demo I have today is an overview of InfoSight. I probably should have published this one first but it was a bit more work to get this one done. A thank you to HPE Storage Master Accredited Solutions Expert Hans Larsson from Sweden. Hans had done this demo in Swedish and was kind enough to let me use it as the basis of this demo.

So here's the latest InfoSight demo.

Recapping the other demos

Let me recap the other demos and give you links to them:

Related, I saw an article tonight from Ken Clipperton from analyst DCIG that does a really good job of quantifying the benefits of HPE InfoSight - so check out Predictive Analytics in Enterprise Storage: More Than Just Highfalutin Mumbo Jumbo

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