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HPE InfoSight technology is like a self-driving car – only better

HPE_InfoSight-self-driving-car-blog.jpgArtificial intelligence (AI), as we know it, has been around for almost seventy years. In 1956, at a conference of cognitive scientists at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire, the term “artificial intelligence” was coined. But the genesis of modern AI really stems from the classical philosophers of Greece and Egypt who tried to quantify human thinking as a symbolic system that could be replicated.

Follow AI’s  history through the intervening years and you’ll see its growing influence on everything from games of chess, to medical practices, to security systems. It’s only relatively recently, however, that AI technology has made significant strides in the administration of datacenter operations. HPE InfoSight played a key role in the development of predictive, automated infrastructure management since early days, and continues as a leader in the field today.

AI Ops makes IT infrastructure surprisingly hands-off

HPE InfoSight is a cloud-based, AI-driven management tool that collects and analyzes data, monitoring your datacenter to maintain its overall health. InfoSight was the first product in the market to leverage AI and machine learning (ML) to automate IT infrastructure operations, now referred to as AI Ops.

Modern infrastructures are increasingly complex and challenging to manage. HPE InfoSight masks that complexity and automates routine tasks and updates, making infrastructure management surprisingly hands-off. The AI Recommendation Engine is capable of making highly contextual recommendations, taking AI Ops a step further. In fact, every second, HPE InfoSight collects and analyzes data from more than 100,000 systems worldwide and uses that intelligence to make every system smarter and more self-sufficient. Predictive analytics and ML work together to automatically solve 86% of datacenter issues that arise,1 similar to the way that self-driving cars solve issues – by constantly monitoring, constantly updating, and automatically optimizing overall performance.

In the video that follows, I sat down with Senior Product Manager Ankit Agarwal to discuss how HPE InfoSight is like a self-driving car – only better. Let’s watch as he provides the details behind the technology.

HPE InfoSight: Powering a self-driven, autonomous data center 

Rochna_Dhand.pngMeet HPE blogger Rochna Dhand, Senior Director of HPE Infosight. Rochna is a product management executive who brings 20+ years of experience shaping early-stage, ground-breaking technologies in the IT industry. Think pre-IPO era at companies such as LoudCloud, VMware and Nimble Storage. Today, Rochna heads up product management for the HPE flagship product in the AIOPs space, InfoSight.

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