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HPE Nimble Storage & Veeam: The power of modern infrastructure & intelligent data management

Powerful individually, more powerful together! Data protection with big improvements in data availability, agility, and business acceleration is possible with HPE Nimble Storage all-flash arrays and Veeam Hyper-Availability Platform.

HPE Veeam data protection_blog.jpgToday CIOs and data center executives are charged with delivering digital transformation and business growth. This means that new products and services must be designed, developed, hardened, and delivered to the market with even greater speed than at any other point in time in the past.

At the same time, the demand on IT professionals has never been greater. Service-level agreements (SLAs) have been steadily increasing, along with business expectations. This means that new solutions, new tools, and processes are required to meet challenges today—and tomorrow.

How all-flash storage delivers great benefits

When it comes to speed, flash memory offers incredible gains in what I like to call “the art of the possible.” But remember: any solution is only as fast in performance as its slowest link. And often, I/O instructions and data transfers are where valuable time is lost. Such is the beauty and the power of all-flash technology.

By offering faster and more predictable storage capacity, we can now access data faster and/or incNimble Storage - pic1.pngrease virtual machine and application density on a single storage platform. This is one of the reasons why HireRight chose HPE Nimble Storage and Veeam to support their 24/7 global recruitment company. Hybrid and flash storage deliver unprecedented performance, consolidation of data center rack space, improvements in power and cooling. Not to mention new ways to better leverage your most valuable business asset: your own data. To that end, HPE Nimble Storage hybrid and all-flash storage arrays offer performance, uptime, manageability, and extensibility.

Veeam, by the way, has been partnering with Nimble Storage since 2012, even prior to the acquisition by HPE in 2017. Since then, the level of integration between Veeam and HPE Nimble Storage has never been greater.

Why great infrastructure needs great data management

Along with the benefits of all-flash that come with Nimble Storage, Veeam offers additional capabilities to deliver greater customer value. 

Yes, Nimble Storage arrays offer fantastic improvements in daily management. What's more,  HPE InfoSight telemetry data and machine learning capabilities ensure a highly reliable and available system. On top of that, Veeam’s intelligent data management solution provides ideal ways to further leverage the capabilities of Nimble Storage array, such as: 

  • Faster backups
  • More frequent copies of business-critical data
  • Faster restores
  • Easier management of Nimble Storage array snapshots and replication
  • Proactive prevention of performance and infrastructure issues
  • Leveraging of fast data access for new business opportunities

The ability to complete backup operations in a shorter amount of time is vital for all organizations. Far too many continue to struggle with achieving success in the “backup window.” Flash storage combined with modern data protection and data management solutions ensures that backup operations can be completed in a timely manner. But that’s not enough. Today business-critical applications require much more frequent recovery points, often measured in minutes, not hours or days.

Faster restores of data on flash storage, combined with data management solutions that can offer easy-to-use granular access item-level recovery, mean that the business can get back to doing what it was meant to do faster.

Having a data management platform that can seamlessly schedule, control, and coordinate flash storage array backup, snapshot, and replication from an integrated console offers IT and application administrators unprecedented speed, improved recovery points, and ease and administration.

The key takeway here: Intelligent storage, such as HPE Nimble Storage arrays, offer powerful machine learning improvements based upon telemetry data to ensure highly resilient and performant systems. Intelligent data management solutions, such as Veeam ONE, can add to and extend the ability to drive service level achievement and to operate at scale, with uninterrupted and highly optimized utilizations of resources.

Veeam ONE - picture 2.png

Veeam ONE monitoring and reporting solution with HPE InfoSight predicts and prevents cross-stack performance and infrastructure issues—before they impact your applications.

Now I’ve saved the best for last. . .

The faster path to business transformation

True business transformation and business acceleration come from combining the power of better, faster, and more powerful infrastructures with an intelligent data management solution that allows your organization to get even more value out of your data. Protection and availability are hugely important. But imagine if an organization can further leverage its availability copies of data for better business outcomes? That’s where HPE Nimble Storage and Veeam Software’s DataLabs enters the picture. The ability to dynamically stand up one or more virtual server instances in an isolated sandbox-like manner affords new opportunities when it comes to:

  • DevOps, DevSecOps, DevTest
  • Patch testing (applications, middleware, hypervisor and operating system)
  • Security validation
  • Analytics
  • Compliance (for example, GDPR)Data labs - picture 3.png


The big data protection finish with Nimble Storage and Veeam Hyper-Availability Platform

First the big question: Are you protected from downtime and data loss?

With demanding SLAs, rapid data growth, hybrid IT, and growing threats, protecting data can be complex. Yet finding faster, simpler, more affordable ways to protect data and ensure data and application availability is a business necessity.

The solution: HPE Nimble Storage and Veeam Hyper-Availability Platform, protecting data with the industry’s only intelligent, predictive flash-based solution. Veeam integrates with HPE Nimble Storage for a fast, simple automated solution—so that significant improvements in data availability, data agility, and business acceleration are now possible.

Case in point: See HPE Nimble Storage and Veeam in action to boost performance and data protection for iland cloud services

Dave Russell bio picture 4.jpgMeet Around the Storage Block guest blogger Dave Russell, Vice President, Enterprise Strategy, Veeam. 

A 29-year veteran in the storage industry, Dave is responsible for driving strategic product and go-to-market programs, spearheading industry engagement and evangelizing Veeam’s vision for the Hyper-Available Enterprise at key events across the globe. Prior to Veeam, Russell was Vice President and Distinguished Analyst at Gartner where he was the lead author of the Magic Quadrant for Data Center Backup & Recovery Solutions from 2006 to 2017. Prior to joining Gartner, Russell spent 15 years at IBM in storage product development. Connect with Dave on LinkedIn and on Twitter: @BackupDave

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