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HPE Nimble Storage now certified for Google Anthos Ready Storage

There's no question about it: businesses are moving to container-based architectures. Gartner estimates that more than 75 percent of global organizations will be running containerized applications in production by 2022, up from less than 30 percent.1

Nimble Storage now certified for Google Anthos-Ready Storage_Blog_693376354.jpgCustomers are opting for containerization to help accelerate their digital transformation, innovate faster, and drive the velocity of new application development. More and more customers are also choosing Kubernetes, which is why we introduced the HPE Container Platform, an enterprise-grade solution designed to deploy and manage containerized environments at scale with 100% Open Source Kubernetes. The platform provides customers with the ability to containerize both cloud-native apps and non-cloud-native monolithic apps with persistent data, offering the flexibility to run on any infrastructure — bare metal, virtualized, in any public cloud, or at the Edge.

We are proud of the unique capabilities that the HPE Container Platform delivers. We also recognize that customers want choice. The concept of open technology is core to HPE’s DNA, driving us to work closely with partners like Google to deliver a better customer experience in Google Cloud’s Anthos environments.

HPE Nimble Storage now a certified Anthos Ready Storage solution

For customers who have chosen Anthos, it’s essential to ensure the entire infrastructure stack is supported and certified. HPE Nimble Storage is the first HPE platform to qualify for Anthos Ready Storage, a rigorous certification program developed by Google Cloud. Data and data storage are key components to drive successful transformation projects across the finish line in any datacenter. Anthos Ready Storage partners help to ensure expected results, making certification an important selection criterion for modern and scalable workloads that require persistent storage.

Unlock data’s potential with the Intelligent Data Platform

Data has the potential to transform business, and HPE helps customers unlock that potential through artificial intelligence (AI). AI forms the backbone of the Intelligent Data Platform, which is powered by HPE InfoSight, the industry’s most advanced AI for infrastructure. The intelligent platform, available in HPE’s storage products, accelerates application workloads to help Anthos and cloud administrators deploy Kubernetes infrastructure and embrace hybrid cloud. Developers can accelerate parallel builds, data scientists can shrink the time it takes to derive insights from months down to minutes, and infrastructure administrators can experience built-in AI that allows them to focus on innovating, not administering. 

Container Storage Interface

The Container Storage Interface (CSI), enabled in Kubernetes 1.13, allows storage vendors to bring their innovations forward and empower users. CSI abstracts the underlying storage platform, allowing data management with Kubernetes-native pattern, and removing any friction between IT Ops and developers requesting storage. The interface also automates and quickly completes routine management tasks that could take days without Kubernetes.

HPE Nimble Storage, qualified under the Anthos Ready Storage initiative, enables Kubernetes features such as Dynamic Provisioning of Persistent Volumes through Storage Class API objects with parameter overloading. This provisioning feature gives IT admins the ability to:

  • Leverage performance policies and quality of service (QoS) limits for workload optimization, at a persistent volume level
  • Minimize storage footprint with industry-leading storage reduction capabilities such as deduplication, compression and thin provisioning
  • Compartmentalize storage resources between Anthos user clusters through throttling and capacity constraints to meet performance expectations
  • Easily access platform specific data protection schemes through Protection Templates
  • Replicate data between Anthos on-premises and the public cloud through integration with HPE Cloud Volumes Block.

HPE Validated Designs for Google Cloud’s Anthos

HPE and Google Cloud have worked together to produce a broad range of validated designs for workloads of any size, both on the compute and storage sides of the solution. HPE Nimble Storage, which is part of the HPE Validated Design for Google Cloud’s Anthos on HPE Nimble Storage dHCI, is a cutting-edge hybrid cloud platform. Businesses with storage needs at the Edge can take advantage of validated designs with HPE SimpliVity hyperconverged infrastructure. HPE addresses other public/private cloud use cases through composable infrastructure solutions based on HPE Synergy and HPE Composable Rack.

These infrastructure solutions complement HPE services to assist customers with containerization strategies, application modernization, and hybrid cloud deployments. HPE Pointnext provides advisory and consulting services built upon experience from over one thousand hybrid cloud engagements, with expertise and best practices from the acquisitions of Cloud Technology Partners and RedPixie.

Backed by HPE GreenLake, a market-leading IT-as-a-Service offering, customers can enjoy these infrastructure solutions as services. HPE pioneered the modern on-premises as-a-Service model. While traditional IT vendors might try to emulate the offering, HPE GreenLake’s unique metering, cost control, software IP, and backing from HPE Financial Services provide a differentiated solution that competitors cannot match.

If you are just starting your containerization journey and are looking to move from test/dev to production, HPE is here to help you accelerate and simplify your journey.

To learn more about the HPE’s containerization offerings and Google Cloud partnership:

1 Gartner, Arun Chandrasekaran, “Evolution of Virtualization: VMs, Containers, Serverless — Which to Use When?” Published: 26 September 2019

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