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HPE Primera: Bringing the radically simple on-demand experience of streaming services to storage

What do HPE Primera and your favorite streaming service have in common?  Hint: a lot!HPE Primera on demand data storage-blog.jpg

Not too long ago, renting movies was quite the headache. You would have to leave the house, drive to the store, spend time looking through all the titles, find out there wasn’t actually a copy behind the cover and then pull your hair out—and on and on with more frustrations! Now, we have instant access on our phones, tablets, and TVs whenever we please. Everything is right there. No need to even leave your living room. 

It’s just so simple. With only a couple of clicks you can watch the newest movie and kick back and relax. Five minutes in and not into it? Press the back button on your remote and choose another. You get access to every movie you could imagine without having to buy anything upfront. Just pay as you consume, how simple is that right?

With the advent of streaming services, movies are now on-demand, which allowed us to more quickly enjoy our Friday nights. And, just like the old days of going out and renting movies deploying, managing, and upgrading enterprise storage has always been complex and tedious. 

Now, we’ve brought the on-demand, radically simple experience of the modern streaming services to the storage industry with HPE Primera, the world’s most intelligent storage for mission-critical applications. Built upon proven resiliency and powered by the intelligence of HPE InfoSight, HPE Primera delivers instant access to data with storage that sets up in minutes, upgrades transparently, and is delivered as a service. So how did we do this?

First, we’ve radically simplified storage management.

With HPE Primera, you can deploy, manage, and scale your storage in 93% less time—giving you more agility and less time needed for administering storage. 

High-end storage is notorious for requiring extensive planning, setup, and services with time and effort to get the system up and running. HPE Primera is the only high-end storage platform that lets customers self-install and self-upgrade with rack to applications in less than 20 minutes for the easiest install in its class. The new GUI is so simple that it can provision storage in seconds. In a few clicks (and with no risk), you can non-disruptively upgrade software and hardware in as little as five minutes.  Data services are independently deployed, upgraded, and restarted with our services-centric OS, so upgrades are safer and you don’t need to reboot your nodes to get the latest features. Whenever your streaming service adds another movie, it’s done in the background so you can simply enjoy it without any extra effort. Why should it be different with your storage?

Back to streaming videos at home analogy. . . Whenever I am unsure of what I want to watch, it always seems that streaming service application knows exactly what I would enjoy, thanks to personalized recommendations based on it knowing my preferences.

Embedded into HPE Primera, HPE InfoSight does the same thing. It tells you exactly what updates you need and what updates you can avoid. Every second it collects and analyzes millions of sensors from across the globe. Since 2010, it has analyzed more than 1250 data points and saved enterprises more than 1.5 million hours of lost productivity. Even though it’s not 1.5 million hours, I’ve certainly saved a lot of time by watching the “recommended for you” movies on streaming services.  

HPE Primera is consumable as-a-service.

What’s great about streaming services is that there are hundreds of entertainment options at your fingertips, but you don’t have to buy every movie upfront. You simply pay a subscription as you watch.  

It’s the same concept with HPE Primera. With HPE GreenLake, you are able to consume your IT on your terms and only pay for storage that actually use, as you use it. It’s a scalable IT infrastructure service that provides a consumption-based IT model that is aligned to your real capacity usage.  It offers you more choices and less up-front heavy investments, so you won’t waste money overprovisioning or guessing what your future needs will be.  You can scale capacity as quickly as needed. Thanks to HPE GreenLake, you can deploy storage as-a-service without managing on premise storage, giving you time and money back to innovate.  It’s just like how you can instantly enjoy all of your favorite DVDs on your streaming service, without having to buy them all upfront.

Get a unique ownership experience with Timeless Storage.

One of the greatest features of streaming services is that there are constantly new movies and television shows that are being uploaded. Every time I open up the application on my tablet, I can see these choices and I didn’t even know they were being added. I get the latest and greatest—without having to do a forklift upgrade. What if you had this same experience with high-end storage? 

To meet that request, we introduced Timeless Storage with HPE Primera. You can say goodbye to typical complexity that are tied to traditional storage, such as forklift upgrades and separate software licenses.  We’re offering non-disruptive, data-in-place upgrades so your platform stays modern. You also get data efficiency and availability guarantees, along with all-inclusive software, flexible consumption options, and automatic upgrades to keep pace with your business.

Just like streaming services give you instant access to movies so you can relax and enjoy your weekends, HPE Primera gives you an on-demand experience for our fast-paced world. 

With HPE Primera, we’re bringing cloud agility on premises for all of your mission-critical applications. The level of simplicity and instant access of HPE Primera rivals streaming services and is unmatched in the industry.

Jenna 2018.jpgMeet Around the Storage Block blogger Jenna Colleran, Product Marketing Manager, HPE Primera.

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