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HPE Primera: Re-defining expectations for mission-critical storage

There has never been a greater need for enterprise storage that is built for self-service, and backed by AI-driven operations. 

HPE is pioneering a simple, on-demand experience for mission-critical storage. With HPE Primera, we bring cloud agility on premises while delivering extreme availability and performance. And we will continue to invest in tools that will further personify the self-service experience of HPE Primera.

Self-service-Primera_Blog_shutterstock_123870715.pngWhen’s the last time you fumbled through a product manual for help with anything you own? I can’t think of a recent example. Nowadays, my instant gratification fix is met with simplified and automated user experiences powered by 1-click or voice-activated commands. If I run into any trouble, I turn to Google for a quick answer, or Youtube for a how-to video.

Self-service is the new normal. In fact, according to recent Gartner research, 81% of all customers across industries attempt to take care of matters themselves before reaching out to a live representative. Clearly, there would not be this demand if self-service did not offer a more convenient and faster way to get things done.

If that’s the case, you might well be thinking, “So why can’t the benefits of self-service extend beyond the home to the data center?” For too long IT has held the business back because they’ve been consumed with administering, tuning, and maintaining infrastructure. Why does mission-critical storage have to be so hard that it requires laborious installations, long upgrades, and migrations that must be performed by professional services? Why can’t it be so easy that you can choose do it yourself?

I’m proud to say that, at HPE, we are re-defining expectations for managing mission-critical storage.

It doesn’t have to be rocket science

HPE Primera is the only high-end storage platform that lets customers self-install, self-upgrade and self-repair in minutes. By leveraging a simple wizard-driven user interface, customers can now experience the easiest install in its storage class. The GUI is so simple that it can provision storage in seconds. In a few clicks, and with no risk, you can upgrade software and hardware in as little as five minutes – with no disruptions. The beauty of HPE Primera’s self-service is that the simplified user experience allows customers to install themselves, or choose to leverage professional services, as some companies prefer. In either case, the user experience is simplified. Elegant. A dream come true for many harried IT managers.

But don’t just take my word for it. 

Check out this quick video with Ryan Burgess from Blue Shore Financial. See how he goes from unboxing his new HPE Primera, to rack to apps in just 20 minutes! Even better, Blue Shore Financial is not the only organization that is taking advantage of this kind of simplicity and flexibility. To date, over half of HPE Primera shipments have been self-installed by our customers, allowing them to deploy new mission-critical workloads sooner to drive greater levels of agility.

But we’re not done yet.

One stop shop for effortless installations

Interested in a quick 3 minute video on how to unbox your HPE Primera? Or power up the system? With the addition of HPE Primera to the HPE Infosight Welcome Center, a space dedicated to effortless installations, everything you need is at your fingertips. 

Instead of digging through pages of manuals, HPE customers can interactively plan, design & deploy their HPE Primera systems themselves with accompanying short videos from unboxing through initial setup and software configuration.

New Primera Cabling Tool

One of the trickiest parts of any storage installation are the cables. With traditional high end storage there can literally be hundreds of cables to deal with and mismatched cables can result in an outage, poor performance or hours of troubleshooting. For example, here’s what not to do with cable management

With HPE Primera, we’ve streamlined the process and only require 6 cables to start. From there, you simply add additional cables as you scale-up and/or scale-out the system. To make things even easier, we’re introducing a browser based new online cabling tool that can be accessed from anywhere (laptop, tablet, mobile) and downloaded as an app right from the link above. All you have to do is answer 4 simple questions and you’ll receive customized step by step directions complete with visuals for base systems, upgrades, and other platform features. 

Powered by the most advanced AI for Infrastructure  

HPE InfoSight takes self-service to the next level because it predicts and prevents issues and removes all the ongoing guesswork out of managing infrastructure. You get AI-driven insights on how you can improve performance, optimize your resources, and plan for the future. HPE InfoSight will even act on your behalf to driven even higher levels of availability and performance.

With HPE InfoSight’s cloud-based portal, you have one-stop and one-place for easy access to infrastructure wherever it is in the world.  And recently, we’ve enhanced the user experience to make it even easier for you to take advantage of its intelligence by adding more opportunities for customization. Customers now have more flexibility by leveraging pre-defined HPE InfoSight views and layouts or customizing them to meet their specific needs.

For example:

  • Use pre-defined views to quickly scan what matters most to you whether that is health, performance, capacity, or support/services. 
  • Create a custom view pulling in metrics applicable to your particular use case. Then, export and share the template with your friends and colleagues! 
  • Create a single view of your overall Correlated History to understand how any configuration changes or upgrades impacted capacity and performance of your system.
  • See your entire Wellness History with a complete timeline of alerts, recommendations and predictive support automation to better understand the overall health of your environment.


As the COVID-19 crisis continues, organizations are learning how best to adapt to the new normal-for-now and finding effective ways to keep their workforce productive and their customers satisfied.  Getting skilled professional and even your own IT staff access to data centers can be challenging.

There has never been a greater need for enterprise storage that is built for self-service, and backed by AI-driven operations. 

I’m proud to say that here at HPE we’re pioneering a simple, on-demand experience for mission-critical storage. With HPE Primera, we’re bringing cloud agility on premises while at the same time delivering extreme availability and performance.  And we will continue to invest in tools that will further personify the self-service experience of HPE Primera.




Meet HPE Blogger Matt Morrisey. Matt has been in the storage industry for over 20 years, and has worked for HPE for the last 10. As a Senior Product Marketing Manager, he is passionate about showing the world how HPE Primera is redefining mission critical storage. Connect with Matt on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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