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Re: HPE Primera Storage celebrates one year!

One-year into this new era, we could not be more excited for our customers and partners!

Thank you to our customers for trusting us with your business; to our channel, alliance & ISV partners for believing in this bold approach; and of course, to our world-class value chain for making the 1st year of HPE Primera such a remarkable success. — It has been a great 1st year, and we cannot be more excited about the future that lies ahead.

Primera anniversary_blog_shutterstock_532604617.pngMy, oh my, how time flies. 

September 2020 marks one year since HPE changed the game in the storage market by redefining mission critical storage. High end storage had historically been associated with complex, inflexible “closed boxes” that required teams of experts to operate and maintain. All of that changed with the introduction of HPE Primera Storage, the storage solution that delivers the always-on and always-fast service level that your most-important applications require; the storage solution that was previously only available to a select few organizations who had IT specialists with a specific and premium skillset.  Democratizing data availability and resiliency has proven to be a welcomed change for our customers and channel partners as HPE Primera has become the fastest growing high-end storage platform built on HPE intellectual property. Ever! 

One-year into this new era, we could not be more excited for our customers and partners. Here are some of the highlights:

Highlight #1. Intelligence that takes action on your behalf: Delivered.

At HPE, we believe that intelligence is the game changer and key differentiator for our customers, not performance. Any key performance enablers are already being utilized in the marketplace. With the mainstream adoption and maturation of NVMe in the enterprise, being a really fast storage array is to meet basic expectations. It won’t be enough, though, to meet future customer needs, or for technology providers to compete.

We believe that intelligence will be what separates the leaders from the laggards.

With AI, you can predict and proactively resolve issues before they occur, as well as unlock hidden insights from your data to deliver better customer experiences, uncover new revenue streams, or improve business models. This is why we’ve embedded the industry’s most advanced AI for infrastructure, HPE InfoSight, into HPE Primera to optimize performance and workload placement in real time. In effect, we’re making the cloud-based machine learning of the entire install base available on your array to enable real-time optimizations. By taking action on your behalf, HPE Primera intelligently and dynamically optimizes resource utilization to ensure fast and predictable performance. 

We are thrilled to report that over 75% of our customer system response times, as reported by HPE Infosight, measure a service time of 230 microseconds. 

Highlight #2. Services Centric OS: Empowers the Enterprise to go faster

Our customers are always trying to do more with less. All industries are experiencing disruption — including new business models, new competitor entrants, and changing business norms due to the Covid pandemic. 

HPE Primera’s services-centric OS is designed so data services behave like an app on your smartphone.This means that, just like your smart phone, you can do the installation, updates, and maintenance of your mission critical storage array without the need for professional services. A few clicks is all that’s needed to make the usual storage operations automated where possible. Fool-proof. Non-disruptive. 

  • We are thrilled to report that, thanks to the service-centric Primera OS, more than 50% of HPE Primeras have been installed by our customers, without the need for professional services. 
  • Our telemetry from HPE Infosight shows that >99% of software updates are performed without requiring assistance from support. 
  • The process has now become so simple, that the data shows our customers most frequently perform these updates on Tuesday mornings, between 10am-11am, in the middle of their workdays! 

Because these operations, which are historically time-consuming, complex, and require OEM vendor involvement, can be implemented in just minutes (or a fraction of the time compared to legacy vendors) our customers have more time to focus on new project implementation and innovation. No more waiting on the OEM while you sweat keeping the lights on. Your valued Storage SME personnel, who had historically needed to reserve much of their time for code updates, are now free and can be empowered to influence the technical direction of your organization. 

Here’s what one satisfied customer had to say:

“At BlueShore, we’ve chosen HPE Primera because it is easy to manage, delivers high-end performance, and we no longer need to execute forklift upgrades. Supporting mixed workloads with 100% uptime means we get better productivity from our staff. Not having to perform forklift upgrades means we maximize the investment in the storage resource and we minimize our environmental impact.”

Ryan Burgess, Manager of Technology Infrastructure, BlueShore Financial

Highlight #3. 100% Data Availability as a Service: Delivered.

We hear that you are facing a lot of pressure, like the internal push to deliver on the most stringent SLAs — when “lives and dimes are on the line” (revenue rules!) according to one of our account teams.  At the same time, in these uncertain macro-economic times, you must preserve capital so you can exploit opportunities in the market. Fortunately, HPE Primera can give you the best of both worlds when consumed as a service via HPE Greenlake. In fact, many of our customers have upgraded their legacy infrastructures and decided to subscribe to HPE Primera, complete with its 100% Data Availability Guarantee, as-a-service. Not only do they get a predictable performance, they also realize predictable cashflows that align to their consumption. 

The days of overpaying for unused storage capacity are over.

Highlight #4. Pipeline of Innovation: Delivered. And not stopping!

Not only can our customers innovate faster, but so can we! In addition to the simple and elegant software update experience, the services-centric OS has enabled our ability to rapidly introduce full OS versions at an unprecedented pace — and that include new features and performance enhancements for a high-end storage platform. 

In the first 12 months:

  • HPE Primera OS 4.0 introduced mission-critical storage that sets up in minutes, upgrades transparently, and comes standard with a 100% availability guarantee. A year later, this is still an industry first! 
  • HPE Primera OS 4.1 raised the stakes on resiliency with support for enhanced replication over Fibre Channel (FC) as an alternative to Internet Protocol (IP). This allowed our customers the flexibility of choosing the storage protocol that best fits their disaster recovery and business continuity needs.     
  • Most recently HPE Primera OS 4.2 delivered autonomous, self-optimized system operations, enhanced replication capabilities to meet any RPO/ RTO, 70% improvement in write performance, and added support for all-NVMe for improved storage density.  

Highlight #5. We are just getting started!

How do you innovate in a segment of the market that has always been dominated by monolithic, “closed box” architectures? We combined the resilient hardware design of HPE 3PAR, with the software design of HPE Nimble Storage, then we added global intelligence with HPE Insight. It was an unorthodox approach, groundbreaking to be sure, but the customer experience we created is one that they applaud – and and competitors envy – and have yet to come close to replicating.

As I mentioned upfront, four quarters into its existence, HPE Primera Storage has become the fastest growing home-grown, high-end storage platform in the history of HPE! It’s hard to find words that express the gratitude that we have for our HPE Primera customers, and the market acknowledgement and validation of the bold steps we took to redefine mission critical. –

So perhaps, simple is best:

Thank you to our customers for trusting us with your business; to our channel, alliance & ISV partners for believing in this bold approach; and of course, to our world-class value chain for making the 1st year of HPE Primera such a remarkable success. 

It has been a great 1st year, and we cannot be more excited about the future that lies ahead. – Stay tuned!

For more information, please check out HPE NIMBLE STORAGEIntelligent, self-managing storage that frees you to innovate for your business. It’s an experience you’ll love.


Andrew headshot.jpegMeet Around the Storage Block blogger Andrew Murphy, Product Management HPE Storage. Andrew is an experienced IT professional who has spent his career in Enterprise Tech with HPE and the channel. Andrew is a Platform Product Manager supporting 3PAR and Primera systems, and is maniacally focused on delivering products that address customers’ toughest problems to advance the way they live and work.  

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