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HPE Primera advances the cloud experience with HPE Synergy and HPE Composable Rack

It seems like just yesterday we continued HPE’s tradition of delivering innovative solutions by redefining mission-critical storage with the introduction of HPE Primera.

Since then, the reception has been awesome, but don’t take my word for it (see it here, here, and here J). HPE Primera-Synergy-Composable-cloud-blog.jpgBest of all, our customers are enjoying how easy it is to setup and manage HPE Primera—and loving how it uniquely guarantees 100% data availability with no special contract or onerous terms. 

Another great example of delivering disruptive innovation for our customers is the work HPE is doing in Composable Infrastructure. In fact, HPE pioneered this market with HPE Synergy over the past three years. This is why I’m so excited to announce that we’re continuing on our path of innovation by integrating HPE Primera with HPE Synergy and HPE Composable Rack

Before I go into all of the benefits of this perfect marriage, what’s so interesting about HPE Synergy and HPE Composable Rack? Both are software-defined, composable systems (for blade and rack-based configs, respectively) that give you tremendous agility against the restraints of hardware-confined infrastructure. Both turn infrastructure into code and automatically deploy resources so you can deploy any workload with more speed and efficiency.

Now, when you take this foundation of composability and add intelligence with HPE Primera, you get an an intelligent cloud foundation. You get a dynamic, fluid set of resources that you can automate on day one, dynamically allocate resources in real-time, and accelerate everything. You no longer have to be constrained by infrastructure that is fixed, inefficient, and delays your business.

Greater agility to accelerate time to market

HPE Synergy and HPE Composable Rack allow you to simplify, automate, and deploy apps faster. Companies used to overprovision infrastructure but now their data centers are transformed into fluid pools of compute, storage, and network resources. We call this approach “infrastructure as code,” because all it takes is a single line of code to gather and deploy the IT assets needed to run any application, anywhere, at any scale.

And now with HPE Primera, you get even greater agility to innovate with the most intelligent storage for mission-critical apps. IT operations are automated—and you can bring your apps to market much faster because this integration streamlines operations and simplifies tasks. So IT gets to focus less on keeping the lights on, and more on creating, innovating, and adding value to the company.

Extreme resiliency for always-on operations

This integration not only gives you the agility they need to catapult your business forward, but it also gives you extreme resiliency and performance so you don’t need to worry about problems popping up unexpectedly in the data center. With the 100% data availability guarantee, HPE Primera ensures that every application is always-on and always-fast. HPE Primera is built with a resilient design center with an all-active architecture, but the real secret sauce is the intelligence of HPE InfoSight. HPE InfoSight predicts and prevents problems from storage to VMs before you are even aware that there had been a potential issue. You get instant visibility and insights into how your applications are performing combined with the freedom to recompose on the fly, every application stays fast and every resources stays optimized, even at scale. 

This integration provides end-to-end resiliency and risk reduction from the data center to the cloud with a foundation of innovative security features. Additionally, HPE Synergy goes beyond perimeter protection, including HPE's exclusive Silicon Root of Trust, by arming systems to prevent, detect, and recover threats. 

Seamless dynamic scalability to grow without boundaries

HPE Primera with HPE Synergy and HPE Composable Rack not only gives our customers agility and resiliency, but also the flexibility to support any workload at any scale. You now have one platform (with a choice of blade or rack servers) to support any application across bare metal, virtualized, and storage that eliminates silos. Plus, with VMware Cloud Foundation, you can unify clouds for fluid resources on premises and now into the public cloud. Data protection also extends to the public cloud with HPE Cloud Bank Storage for seamless long term retention.

Plus, it is delivered as-a-service via HPE GreenLake. With the option to pay based on actual metered usage, you get a cloud experience on premises.

Advancing the private cloud—your way for your apps

With the integration of HPE Primera with HPE Synergy and HPE Composable Rack, we’re advancing our workload-optimized portfolio for private cloud. This combined with HPE SimpliVity and HPE Nimble Storage dHCI deliver a complete portfolio of workload-optimized systems for private cloud. From small to large scale environments and for every SLA, you now get a cloud experience with greater agility to accelerate time to market—so you can spend more time on innovation with HPE InfoSight taking care of Day 2+ beyond. 

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