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HPE Primera and HPE Synergy: An intelligent, secure, composable infrastructure for private clouds

intelligent-secure-composable-infrastructure_blog_shutterstock_1083473315.jpgThe path to innovation

We’re continuing down the innovation path here at HPE, integrating HPE Primera and HPE Synergy to advance the private cloud experience for our customers. By managing both HPE Primera and HPE Synergy through HPE OneView, you can now speed up time to market, keep your applications secure and fast, and grow without boundaries.

HPE Synergy is our software-defined, composable infrastructure that provides tremendous agility against the restraints of hardware-confined compute and storage. The HPE Synergy Composer, powered by HPE OneView, allows customers to automatically deploy and modify resources via a single API, for any workload, with speed and efficiency.

HPE Primera, powered by HPE InfoSight, sees beyond storage to predict and prevent any disruptions in the storage, network, compute (physical and virtual), and application layers. In fact, over the past decade, HPE InfoSight has analyzed over 1250 trillion data points across our customers’ private clouds, saving over 1.5 million hours of lost productivity due to downtime. Our goal is to fully automate the private cloud support experience.

New video features enterprise private clouds

I recently had the opportunity to shoot a video at HPE headquarters, laying out what this integration looks like.  As a Chief Technologist in the Hybrid IT Group at HPE, my goal is work with our customers like you to build enterprise private clouds, and I enjoyed sharing my experience in this video.

Please take a look, and you’ll see some examples of how HPE Primera and HPE Synergy can advance our workload-optimized portfolio for your private cloud.


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Meet HPE Blogger Malcolm Ferguson. Malcolm is a Distinguished Technologist at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. In this role he is responsible for understanding enterprise clients’ business and technology requirements, and designing appropriate solutions to address those needs.


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