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HPE Primera can now be managed in the cloud with HPE GreenLake for storage

Here’s good news you’ve been waiting for: In May 2021, we unveiled a new cloud operational experience to help customers simplify storage and data management. This was supported by our new cloud-native data infrastructure, HPE Alletra . Customers quickly wanted to know when they could bring this cloud operational experience to their HPE Primera systems. As of today’s announcement, you can! Learn the benefits and how to get going.

HPE storage-cloud experience-GreenLake-blog.pngThe world is increasingly moving toward digital, as data becomes more and more of an important asset. However, the complexity of IT infrastructure and data management is holding many businesses back. There’s a need to break down the silos, fragmentation, and inefficiency that plagues data and infrastructure management today. 

We know that the cloud has set the standard for agility with a cloud operational model that give businesses the ability to build and deploy new apps and services faster than ever – with an invisible infrastructure and shift to app-centric operations. 

What if we could take this one step further – and bring this cloud operational experience to wherever data and application workloads live? 

In fact, 91% of respondents in a recent ESG survey* agree that mature cloud operations on-premises is the single most important step to eliminate complexity.

To address this need, we first launched a new cloud operational experience to help you simplify storage and data management from edge-to-cloud, supported with HPE Alletra. Naturally, you wanted to know when you would be able to bring this cloud experience to your HPE Primera systems. 

Today, we’re excited to introduce just that. HPE Primera can now be managed in the cloud with HPE GreenLake for storage. Through a SaaS-based console, you can automate and orchestrate integrated infrastructure and data workflows to transform the once complex data operations into a streamlined data management across clouds.

Gone are the days of managing fragmented data management tools, manual processes, and infrastructure silos spanning edge to cloud  that resulted in significant operational challenges and inefficiency at scale. On-premises infrastructure no longer requires specialized domain expertise to manage its lifecycle – install to upgrade.

As an HPE Primera customer, you can now benefit from the cloud operational experience. HPE GreenLake for storage unifies silos under a single web interface with global invisibility and a consistent experience from to edge to cloud. This abstraction of control enables a suite of cloud infrastructure services – delivered through Data Services Cloud Console – that radically simplifies how HPE Primera customers manage their infrastructure at scale. And for existing customers who have HPE Primera and HPE Alletra, you can now enjoy the cloud operational experience for both sets of systems.

What the cloud operational experience for data infrastructure means for you

Simplified deployment – To begin, picture a simplified and streamlined device deployment process that can be completed in minutes. New systems are automatically discovered and on-boarded. Simply cable up your system, turn it on, and after a few simple configuration steps the system is available for use in your fleet.

Intent-based provisioning – Next, automate and optimize app deployment with Intent-based Provisioning. This unique service eliminates guesswork and spreadsheets by ensuring workloads are always deployed on the right resource across a global fleet. Intent-based Provisioning transforms storage provisioning from a LUN-centric, manual process to an AI-driven approach that leverages real-time context into resource headroom and application-specific SLAs to optimize where your data is stored automatically.

Manage from anywhere – With HPE GreenLake for storage, you can globally control and monitor storage from anywhere and on any device. The cloud-native control plane scales autonomously with infrastructure, so managing hundreds of systems across geographies is as simple as managing one.

Automate at scale Finally, the cloud-native control plane is also highly extensible, with a fully programmable, unified API across edge-to-cloud infrastructure. This single API endpoint for the entire infrastructure allows organizations to automate self-service operations at cloud speed and scale without worrying about API versions, feature compatibility, or multiple scripting.

Let’s take a closer look at how we’re now bringing this experience to HPE Primera

You may now be asking these kinds of questions: How do you add my HPE Primera Array to the cloud console? Where do you get the Subscription ID to add it? And how do it quickly? (Because you want it now!)

We’re happy to say as soon as you update your array to HPE Primera OS 4.4, all you need to do is simple flip the switch to enable it on the HPE Primera side.

HPE Storage-DSCC1-blog.png

Once that switch is enabled, the array will try and communicate with Data Services Cloud Console securely over port 443. You would then add the device into your portal using the supplied subscription ID, this subscription ID is created once Data Services Cloud Console is enabled from the array and the array validates the connection. At that point, then the subscription ID will appear in the Primera OS UI and voilà the array is ready to be managed via the cloud.

The HPE Primera dashboard will show the confirmation by way of the green check mark. 

HPE Storage-DSCC2-blog.png


It's that simple!

That's it. Don’t believe me? Watch this video to see this process in action.

* Assessing Progress Towards–and the Payoff of–Cloud-enabled Unified DataOps, ESG, Final Results Presentation, October 2021.

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