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HPE Primera wins 2020 CRN Product of the Year Award

Our customers and partners have spoken. The votes are in. The result? For the second year in a row, HPE Primera took home the award for Enterprise Storage.

HPE Primera_CRN_Product of the Year_2020_Blog.pngWe’re humbled by this recognition not only because it showcases our leading innovation, but also because it represents HPE’s commitment to our channel community. Our partners are at the heart of our business, and we are committed to continuously anticipating trends, and developing the best solutions for our partners to bring to their customers.

HPE Primera is a wonderful example of this because it has redefined customer’s expectations for high end storage. For too long, IT was forced to sacrifice agility for reliability for their mission-critical workloads because they remained bogged down with all the complexity tied to traditional enterprise storage. (Who wants countless knobs and configs required to tune performance?)  This sacrifice is over.

Our HPE Primera customers take advantage of a simple cloud experience without compromising the performance and availability of their mission-critical applications and data. With autonomous, self-managing enterprise storage backed by a 100% availability guarantee, businesses have the power to run their infrastructure with both agility and reliability.

But just don’t take my (and CRN’s) word for it. Here’s what a few of our HPE Primera customers have to say:

“Everything became easier after we deployed HPE Primera for our mission-critical workloads. We’ve enjoyed faster deployment, configuration, interaction, and ease of management. HPE Primera has been a real boost to our environment and enabled us to move with greater agility.”

Pleiades Tecnologia is a small Technology Consultant firm based in Madrid, Spain.  They were drawn to HPE Primera because it offered a simple, on-demand experience for instant access to data. Since HPE Primera is built for self-service, they were able to install, update, and maintain their mission critical storage without the need for professional services. A few clicks was all that was needed to make their usual storage operations automated, where possible. In fact, they were able to install and upgrade their HPE Primera with over 75% time savings.

Pleiades Tecnologia is not the only HPE Primera customer to experience this benefit. More than 50% of HPE Primeras have been installed by our customers, without any additional services. And our telemetry from HPE Infosight shows that >99% of software updates are performed without requiring assistance from support. Even better, it’s so easy that our customers see no risk in completing this task in the middle of their workday! Want proof?  Our data shows our customers most frequently perform these updates on Tuesday mornings, between 10am-11am!   

By stripping away complexity and reducing historically time-consuming storage operations from weeks or months into minutes, I’m thrilled to report our customers like Pleiades Tecnologia are now able to move with greater agility.

“We demand zero issues because that is what our customers expect from us.  HPE 3PAR gave us that and now we are getting the same with the HPE Primera platform.”  With added blistering performance!”

As a Service Provider based in Stockholm, Sweden, DataCom relies on infrastructure that can power their service level agreements. Any impact on availability and/or performance has a direct impact on their bottom line.  For seven years, that underlying infrastructure was based on HPE 3PAR storage and I’m happy to report that HPE 3PAR delivered a rock solid foundation.

When it came time to modernize, the team turned to HPE Primera, built from the mission-critical heritage of HPE 3PAR. What they found was the same rock-solid availability – but with added blistering performance.  More specifically, their ability to deliver consistent, predictable performance with sub millisecond latencies increased by over 75%.

Once again, DataCom is not the only HPE Primera customer to experience this type of performance boost.  Over 75% of our customer system response times, as reported by HPE Infosight, measure a service time of 230 microseconds.

“It’s performance and storage management is outstanding and its intelligence is a game-changer and competitive business advantage.

Supporting mixed workloads with 100% uptime means we get better productivity from our staff.  Not having to perform forklift upgrades means we maximize the investment in the storage resource and we minimize our environmental impact.”

Blue Shore Financial, a full service boutique financial institution, turned to HPE Primera to power their mission-critical workloads and deliver superior performance, which helped the financial institution innovate new products and maintain a competitive edge. The game changer for them was HPE Primera’s global intelligence, powered by HPE InfoSight. 

This is because with AI, you can predict and proactively resolve issues before they occur, taking advantage of autonomous operations for accelerated application performance. Because of this, the IT team at BlueShore is better able to keep up with the demands of innovation without remaining tied down administering, tuning, and supporting infrastructure.  

Over the past decade, HPE InfoSight has analyzed trillions of data points spanning storage, servers, and virtual machines. Through cloud-based machine learning, it has saved our customers over 1.5 million hours by avoiding thousands of disruptions and providing automated recommendations to optimize performance. That’s a huge amount of time our customers like BlueShore Financial get to spend innovating for their businesses, rather than fighting fires.


HPE Primera StorageHPE Primera StorageFinally, it’s worth noting this is the second CRN award HPE Primera has received this year. Last month, we received the 2020 Tech Innovator Award for the Enterprise Storage category.  I’m incredibly proud and humbled by this recognition because it is testament to the fact that customer’s expectations for high end storage have forever changed.

Thank you to our customers for trusting us with your business, and to our channel, alliance & ISV partners for believing in this bold approach.

I am looking forward to sharing more good news in 2021!





Meet HPE Blogger Matt MorriseyMatt has been in the storage industry for over 20 years, and has worked for HPE for the last 10. As a Senior Product Marketing Manager, he is passionate about showing the world how HPE Primera is redefining mission critical storage. Connect with Matt on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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