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HPE SIMPLIVITY advances edge leadership with comprehensive data protection, container integration

For organizations who want to accelerate their digital IT journey, the enterprise edge is a powerful place to start. With the rise of edge computing, an explosive amount of data is being generated. In fact, Gartner estimates that half of all enterprise data will be generated outside the core data center by 20231.  For the enterprise edge, data can provide insights into previously unseen customer trends and multiple opportunities to enhance the customer experience and make better-informed business decisions.  

SimpliVity_HPE-Cloud-Volumes_800x533.jpgThe shift to the edge presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities that hinge on infrastructure efficiency, scalability and availability. Whether you are deploying an edge solution for the first time or updating aging infrastructure, you need infrastructure that is appropriate for tight spaces, allows for centralized remote management across multiple sites, and is easily scalable to match rapid changes in demand. 

Most importantly, it must include data protection to keep data and apps highly available to ensure business continuity across all locations. With the growth of data at the edge, data protection can’t be an afterthought. Organizations need to address all protection SLAs in the simplest operational experience. 

Complete and automated data protection

Today, HPE is announcing the industry’s most complete and automated data protection solution for the edge – building on HPE SimpliVity’s built-in, near-instant recovery capabilities to now include a simple and efficient direct-to-cloud backup service and cost-effective, centralized backup for compliance and long-term retention.

HPE SimpliVity with HPE Cloud Volumes Backup enables edge sites to simply and efficiently back up directly to public cloud. Through policy-based automation in the hyperconverged platform, backups can be easily set up directly from vCenter, without additional software or appliances needed. When the time comes to restore back to on-premises edge sites, it’s a 3-click process without any egress charges. HPE SimpliVity with HPE Cloud Volumes Backup optimizes costs with consumption-based pricing, and the solution’s data efficiency limits bandwidth usage and data storage in the cloud.

HPE SimpliVity with HPE StoreOnce offers a centralized, cost effective backup solution for customers who have long-term data retention needs or compliance requirements. The new solution reduces complexity, cost, and risk by easily replicating apps and data from HPE SimpliVity directly to HPE StoreOnce, and thanks to 20:1 data efficiency, it enables fast restores in 3 simple clicks. Plus, you can create fully automated backup policies in less than a minute for thousands of VMs across multiple sites, saving you time and worry, knowing your data is protected.

For organizations looking to modernize applications and speed up development cycles with a container-based architecture, HPE SimpliVity now supports the Container Storage Interface (CSI) Driver for Kubernetes. CSI and persistent volume support enable both VMs and container workloads to be run on the same HPE SimpliVity platform at edge sites, which eliminates the need for dedicated infrastructure for each workload. It’s an ideal platform for customers who want a simplified management and differentiated data protection experience that enhances cloud native applications deployed on containers.  

Intelligent HCI for the Edge

Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) has evolved to include ever more use cases, particularly at the edge, because of the simplicity it brings to the environment while addressing edge-specific requirements. HPE SimpliVity is better suited than most solutions for the edge because of its simple management, 2-node high availability, comprehensive data protection, and guaranteed data efficiency. 

HPE customers understand the value and have been deploying the HCI platform for many years. Staples Solutions is just one of hundreds of major organizations across the world entrusting HPE SimpliVity for the enterprise edge environments. “If you’re a retail company or a business with many stores and locations, I would highly recommend HPE SimpliVity for your branch offices and warehouses,” said Aleh Sadaunichy, Infrastructure Solutions Architect. “The simplicity, scalability, reliability, transcendent speed, and the ease of the restores are why we choose this product. The comprehensive data protection capabilities that include native backup to public cloud are very compelling.”

HPE SimpliVity version 4.1.0 is now available worldwide. All new features and capabilities are supported with VMware vSphere 7.0. HPE SimpliVity customers with valid support contracts can upgrade at no additional charge.  Contact your authorized HPE Sales representative for additional details.

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