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HPE Storage recognized with five CRN Awards For 2019

CRN-ProdofYea-Blog-400x267.jpgAs the year comes to a close, storage industry watchers are highlighting products and services that really moved the needle in 2019. Over at CRN, the judges recognized HPE’s innovation and leadership in Storage and HCI across five categories in their selections for 2019 Product of the Year. That’s a great way to cap what’s been an exciting year!

CRN focused on the critical advantage of HPE InfoSight

HPE InfoSight garnered three awards in the Enterprise Software category. That’s particularly notable because AI-driven machine intelligence has become essential to meet the challenges of modern, hybrid IT. And HPE InfoSight, the industry’s most advanced AI for infrastructure, is completely transforming IT’s approach to infrastructure management via AI-driven operations and insights. 

Specifically, HPE InfoSight is the global intelligence engine within HPE’s Intelligent Data Platform. InfoSight has enabled HPE to lead the industry away from what was essentially a reactive management model to an intelligent, predictive model — one that has saved our customers over 1.5 million hours of lost productivity in the last decade by proactively fixing issues before they impact operations.

CRN recognized the transformative capabilities of HPE InfoSight in three ways:

  • As an innovative and easily integrated Technology. HPE InfoSight has analyzed more than 1,250 trillion data points since 2010 via cloud-based machine learning and deep telemetry to provide a seamless, global intelligence across environments — and deliver autonomous IT. 
  • As a driver of Revenue and Profit. This backs up the findings of industry analysts ESG: among real-world customers, HPE InfoSight predictive analytics drove an average 79% drop in operational expenses, cut trouble tickets by 73% and MTTR by 69%, and delivered significant business value well beyond support.
  • As a unique product that answers Customer Demand. HPE InfoSight enables infrastructure that is self-managing, self-optimizing, and self-healing while supporting hundreds of apps and thousands of workloads. Its unparalleled power has radically changed customer expectations.

HPE Simplivity seen for innovation and intelligence

Like HPE InfoSight, our hyperconverged infrastructure offering, HPE SimpliVity, was recognized as a driver of Revenue and Profit. And that’s fitting, because in 2019 we enhanced the HCI experience of HPE SimpliVity that customers already know and love — the speed of deployment, the simplicity of management, the ease of scale — with the power of HPE InfoSight. So customers who already leveraged HPE SimpliVity to accelerate their operations while lowering risk and improving the bottom line can now enjoy predictive resource planning, global visibility and analytics, and support case automation right in their HPE SimpliVity deployment. With HPE InfoSight’s prescriptive recommendations taking the guesswork out of managing infrastructure, today’s HPE SimpliVity operations can be worry-free. 

HPE Nimble Storage continues to lead the field

Lastly, HPE Nimble Storage received a Technology award in the Midrange Storage space.

With features such as six nines of availability, industry-best effective capacity (see the HPE Store More Guarantee), and a future-proof architecture, Nimble Storage has long led the field. A large part of that leadership stems from the fact that Nimble Storage was the first HPE platform to host HPE InfoSight’s transformational global intelligence, so instead of wasting precious time managing infrastructure, Nimble Storage customers have been able to focus on driving their businesses.

2019 was the year intelligence took center stage

Across the industry, 2019 has demonstrated that critical advances in AIOps are ushering in a new era of intelligence — an AI-driven revolution in infrastructure management and insight that will power businesses into the future. We’re thrilled that CRN has recognized multiple ways in which key products in HPE’s Intelligent Data Platform are leading that change. And we’re looking forward to pushing even further ahead in 2020.

Your intelligent enterprise requires an infrastructure that is built for innovation. These award-winning products, which are integral to the intelligent data platform delivered by HPE, provide that innovation to help you tackle infrastructure management and hybrid complexity today, with an intelligent data strategy for tomorrow. Review the infographic.

Winning products capture real-world satisfaction among HPE partners and their customers. Read the HPE Newsroom story.

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Vice President, Storage Marketing
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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