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HPE Store More Guarantee: Squeeze the most data per TB with HPE Nimble Storage All Flash Arrays


With the HPE Store More Guarantee, HPE Nimble Storage All Flash Arrays can now store more of your production data for a given amount raw flash capacity. Period. No tricks. No gimmicks. No compromising of resiliency or availability.

HPE Store More Guarantee_blog.jpgDifferent cultures have different ways of expressing the concept of “storing more.” Pakistanis refer to a mythical magical bag called a Zambeel that can expand infinitely to hold anything of any size. Americans jokingly talk about putting “ten pounds of potatoes into a five-pound bag.”

You get the idea . . . the ability to store more within fixed constraints is always a good thing.

In the world of all-flash storage, you want to store more data for a given amount of flash storage. It’s important to squeeze as much data into all-flash platforms because of the cost of all-flash storage relative to rotating hard disks. Before making a purchase decision, you have to go through several hurdles to evaluate different vendor products in time-consuming PoCs.

Fortunately, with HPE, you can now purchase all-flash storage with a guarantee of having the best capacity efficiency.

The HPE Store More Guarantee explained

HPE Nimble Storage all-flash arrays can store more of your production data for a given amount raw flash capacity. Period. No tricks. No gimmicks. No compromising of resiliency or availability.

Yes, we know this is a bold guarantee. But it’s very straightforward. Now you can purchase HPE Nimble Storage All Flash Arrays knowing that they will squeeze the most data into each terabyte of flash.

The problem with data reduction

Many prospective all-flash storage buyers think that the highest data reduction ratio means the greatest capacity efficiency, resulting in the most data per raw terabyte. By “data reduction,” I’m referring to features such as inline variable deduplication, inline variable compression, zero-block elimination and other data reduction techniques. The truth is, data reduction is only one factor in overall capacity efficiency. Rather than looking only at data reduction ratios, a more honest approach is to look at overall effective capacity.

The whole story on effective capacity

If you are a witness about to testify in court, you may be asked to “tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.” Some storage vendors don’t like to talk about “effective capacity” as it reflects the whole truth about the storage capacity that is available to applications (which is all that matters). Any honest discussion of capacity must include system overhead, such as OS, RAID, sparing, and other necessary operations. This is a big deal because the benefits of low overhead are magnified several times by the data reduction ratio. 

The HPE advantage

Imagine giving an Olympic sprinter a 20-meter head-start in a 100-meter race. Can anyone win against such an unfair advantage? The sprinter, in this case, is the HPE Nimble All Flash Array. The HPE advantage is due to low overhead that results in up to 20% more usable capacity.

Start with more—end with more

By starting with up to 20% more usable capacity, you end up with up to 20% more effective capacity. For example, a typical all-flash array may have 50TB of usable capacity while an HPE Nimble Storage all-flash array would have 60TB usable capacity. That’s 10TB more.

Assuming a 5x data reduction ratio on both all-flash platforms, the typical all-flash array will have 250TB of effective capacity. The HPE Nimble Storage array would deliver 300TB effective capacity. HPE’s 10TB greater usable capacity is multiplied by 5. The bottom line is that with identical data reduction ratios, the effective capacity available to applications is 50TB greater for HPE Nimble storage arrays in this scenario.HPE Store More Guarantee.jpg

Who qualifies for the HPE Store More Guarantee?

The guarantee program is available to all prospective buyers worldwide of the newest HPE Nimble Storage All Flash Arrays. If a competitive all-flash array delivers more effective capacity per terabyte of raw flash, HPE will provide storage to make up any deficiency at no additional cost at the time of purchase. Refer to HPE Store More Guarantee for complete information on the guarantee. And watch this new ChalkTalk to learn how to get more effective capacity.

Yes, the spirit of Zambeel lives on—with HPE Nimble Storage

Like the Zambeel bag, HPE Nimble Storage arrays allow you to squeeze more data into anHPE Store More Guarantee_zambeel_blog.jpg all-flash array. Interestingly enough, the co-founder and CTO of Nimble Storage, Umesh Maheshwari, and the Nimble Storage VP of Engineering, Chetan Rai, both worked as Principal Engineers at a company named…get ready for it…Zambeel.

This was nearly two decades ago. HPE acquired Nimble Storage in 2017, and Umesh and Chetan remain at HPE to this day. They carried with them the spirit of Zambeel that makes the efficient HPE Nimble Storage platform possible. In fact, it makes the HPE Store More Guarantee possible.

Andre Franklin_HPE Storage.jpgMeet Around the Storage Block blogger Andre Franklin, Senior Product Marketing Manager, HPE Storage. Andre has more than 20 years of marketing experience in data storage that spans hard disk, flash and hybrid storage technologies. He worked many years at Hewlett Packard as well as a few small storage companies developing advanced storage technologies and architectures. Having worked with many enterprise storage customers, Andre has learned the challenges facing enterprise storage deployments.

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