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HPE StoreOnce VSA – Cost effective software-defined data protection

The  growth of data and the wide adoption of virtualized environments has forced organizations to look for cost-effective data protection solutions for virtualized environments, whether in the data center or in small and remote offices.

StoreOnce VSA_Blog_shutterstock_1226564899.pngMost data protection hardware vendors provide data deduplication solutions that require dedicated storage hardware which is not a cost-effective and easy to manage data protection solution for remote/virtualized environments. To address this issue while providing greater flexibility, HPE has extended the StoreOnce family to provide a software-defined backup solution: HPE StoreOnce VSA.

HPE StoreOnce systems are a proven platform delivering, high-performance backup architecture that spans the entire enterprise.  HPE StoreOnce protects all sizes if businesses, from small, remote offices to enterprise data centers, with highly scalable backup appliances that come with your choice of backup and recovery software to deliver robust, flexible enterprise-wide data protection. StoreOnce can reduce the amount of backup data you need to store by up to 95%. For users who want a purpose-built appliance with known performance and capacity that can be racked, powered on, quickly configured and is then ready to use with minimal further management, HPE StoreOnce Systems are perfect.

The HPE StoreOnce VSA is a virtual appliance that delivers the same functionality as the rest of HPE StoreOnce portfolio in virtualized environments.

Software-defined data protection

HPE StoreOnce VSA can be easily deployed in virtual environments running on your existing industry-standard server infrastructures. It is delivered as an OVA package and, as with the StoreOnce Systems, can be quickly configured. It runs the same software as the physical StoreOnce appliance, and delivers the same data services, including cross-family replication, backup application integration, deduplication and security features. For remote unattended sites, HPE StoreOnce VSA is an ideal way to avoid the installation and subsequent maintenance of dedicated, single purpose hardware.

In the current COVID-19 environment, software-defined solutions offer another way to protect enterprise data assets without adding physical hardware to the environment. A virtual machine (VM) backup solution is easy to deploy on your existing hardware, and it can provide enterprise-class data security and fast recovery for lower recovery point objectives. HPE StoreOnce VSA provides an impenetrable layer of protection against cyber-attacks by ensuring that backup data cannot be seen by ransomware.

The first HPE StoreOnce VSA products were made available in 2014. These were replaced in late 2018 with the current fourth generation HPE StoreOnce VSA products. The latest HPE StoreOnce VSA version, 4.2.3 was release on June 30th. HPE StoreOnce VSA and HPE StoreOnce Systems run the same StoreOnce software and the entire portfolio of HPE StoreOnce VSA and StoreOnce hardware appliances can be managed from a single management screen.

We have learned a lot in the 6+ years that StoreOnce VSA has been deployed by the thousands of customers who use it every day. Over the years we have improved our technology based on customer feedback. The information our customers provided has driven new product features that result in making StoreOnce simpler to deploy, with increased performance and greater flexibility.

Features include:

  • Easily configurable. Delivering the capacity and performance characteristics needed to meet data protection requirements. CPU, RAM and disk resources can be allocated to the StoreOnce VSA to meet the capacity, throughput and concurrency needed to meet the data protection SLA.
  • Simplified license management. A license server is available, at zero cost, to enable the license management. This is valuable in environments with a large installation of StoreOnce VSAs. In addition to simplifying StoreOnce VSA license management the license server enables licenses to be recycled when a StoreOnce VSA is decommissioned.
  • Comprehensive failover protection. StoreOnce VSA can be run in a VMware vSphere HA cluster to enable failover in the event of a host failure. In November 2019, HPE released the HPE StoreOnce High Availability Manager, which extends this failover support from IP connected hosts to fibre channel connected hosts.
  • Scale as per demand. A single StoreOnce VSA can scale from 4 TB to 500 TB on demand. StoreOnce VSA can grow from 4 TB to 500 TB in 1 TB increments or any multiple of 1 TB increments. Using the configurable resource allocation performance can be maintained or increased as more capacity is licensed and configured.
  • Complete support. StoreOnce VSA has support included for 3 years. No need to purchase additional support coverage or entitlement to updates for 3 years from purchase.

A winning strategy for ROBOs and SMBs

HPE StoreOnce VSA offers the levels of simplicity and cost-savings that are, quite frankly, too much for ROBOs and SMBs to ignore -- especially in light of how virtualized their environments have become. The HPE StoreOnce VSA delivers all of the features of a dedicated backup appliance in a virtual appliance at a more affordable price point, while requiring less time to setup and configure. More importantly, by deploying the HPE StoreOnce VSA these organizations can benefit from the revolution in data protection that is making backup more predictable and recoveries more reliable.

If you need more convincing

The StoreOnce VSA is a robust and mature product that we will continue to evolve in anticipation of our users’ needs, as we have done with StoreOnce VSA 4.2.3 . We are also aware that no matter how capable a product is, in the current environment IT purchases have to show even more value. For this reason we have recently reduced the list price of HPE StoreOnce VSA by 25%. Contact your HPE representative for more details or click here to buy HPE StoreOnce VSA licenses

Attractively priced StoreOnce VSA appears almost too good to be true. We encourage you to try our free 1TB StoreOnce VSA evaluation software with no license cost. It is simple to download and configure. You can then purchase the license and the higher capacity options once you are satisfied with the StoreOnce VSA functionality but need more backup data capacity. 

We’re here to protect your data

HPE is making data protection easier so you can focus on the day-to-day aspects of your business.  Data protection can make or break an organization, and HPE will help ensure that failure is not an option for you. 

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Meet Ian Blatchford, HPE blogger and Worldwide Product Manager for HPE StoreOnce. You can connect with Ian on Twitter @lottabytes .


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