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HPE StoreOnce VSA on Microsoft Azure: This Way to Cloud-Based Software-Defined Data Protection


HPE StoreOnce VSA platform coverage now includes Microsoft Azure. With StoreOnce VSA 3.16.2, it’s available from the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. You get all the features of on-premises StoreOnce VSA pluStoreOnce VSA Microsoft Azure_blog.jpgs the flexibility of deployment on Azure. Follow me this way for all the info...

Back in February, I wrote a blog about the latest enhancement to our StoreOnce VSA platform. Since then, I’ve been receiving many questions about the StoreOnce VSA on Microsoft Azure Cloud. So to address some of your questions, let me summarize the whats and wherefores of the solution.

What you get with StoreOnce VSA on Microsoft Azure Cloud

The HPE StoreOnce VSA platform coverage now includes Microsoft Azure. With StoreOnce VSA 3.16.2, it’s available from the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.  What's more, StoreOnce VSA on Azure platform delivers all the features of on-premises StoreOnce VSA plus the flexibility of deployment on Azure. This means that StoreOnce VSA enables:

Reduced cost

  • Eliminate the need for any dedicated hardware appliances and significantly reduce storage cost.
  • Get StoreOnce Catalyst and replication licenses with no additional license costs required.
  • Benefit from three years of included HPE support.

 Reduced risk

  • Support data security similar to physical StoreOnce systems, including on-disk and in-flight data encryption, VLAN tagging, secure erase and data integrity features. (Note: These features are a part of StoreOnce VSA license and users do not need to purchase additional license to enable them)

Reduced complexity

  • Deploy in Azure as your “remote data center” without the hassle of managing the infrastructure.
  • Mange your backup environment from a single StoreOnce console via centralized management.

StoreOnce VSA is deployed on the Azure platform using the bring-your-own-license (BYOL) model and continues the existing StoreOnce VSA licensing model. Deploying StoreOnce VSA on Microsoft Azure requires a Microsoft Azure subscription.

How to get started

Users can start by purchasing the base StoreOStoreOnce VSA on Azure MarketplaceJ.jpgnce VSA capacity license with 4TB or 10 TB or 20TB or 32TB. When the base capacity is fully utilized, users can upgrade to a higher capacity by purchasing and applying a capacity upgrade license. The perpetual licenses include three years of support and entitlement to software updates.

Azure allows users to change VM size of an existing VM at any given time. So you can change the StoreOnce VM size to a higher size to support capacity expansion to an existing StoreOnce VSA.

You can access StoreOnce VSA on Azure here:

Multiple StoreOnce VSA instances can be deployed across Microsoft Azure cloud. As part of the right mix of on premise and off premise storage, data protected on HPE StoreOnce Systems can be replicated to a StoreOnce VSA hosted in the Azure cloud. For data protection applications, off-premises StoreOnce VSA is managed the same as other secondary storage targets.

Count on efficiency and performance

StoreOnce VSA 3.16.2 delivers twice the maximum backup performance of the previous StoreOnce VSA with speeds up to 12TB/hr. with no increase in resources that need to be allocated to running the StoreOnce VSA.

A winning strategy for ROBOs and SMBs

StoreOnce VSA offers the levels of simplicity and cost-savings that are simply too much for ROBOs and SMBs to ignore – espeicaly in light of how virtualized your environments have become. HPE StoreOnce VSA delivers all of these features of a dedicated backup appliance in a virtual appliance at a more affordable price point while requiring less time to setup and configure. More importantly, by deploying the StoreOnce VSA, you can benefit from the revolution in data protection that’s making backup more predictable and recoveries more reliable.

Need more convincing?

Be sure and look for FREE StoreOnce VSA evaluation software (free 1TB version valid for 3 years with no support) right here: Download the Free 1TB StoreOnce VSA

I predict it won’t take long for you to start to see how HPE StoreOnce VSA can help you reduce costs and risk.

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 Meet Around the Storage Block blogger Ashwin Shetty, Product Marketing, HPE Storage. @ashwinkshetty




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