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HPE StoreOnce demonstrates hybrid cloud data protection leadership in new DCIG Buyer's Guide


I am happy to share with you that independent analyst firm DCIG has once again ranked HPE StoreOnce in the top category of “Recommended” in its just-released 2019-2020 Enterprise Deduplication Backup Target Appliance Buyer's Guide.

StoreOnce -DCIG Recomm - BlogSize 400 x 267 - 190415 - d1 v2.pngHPE is the only vendor in the guide to have its full portfolio of next-generation data protection appliances (including the HPE StoreOnce 5650, 5250, 5200, 3640, and 3620 models) top the evaluation criteria and earn the ranking “Recommended."

According to DCIG, a key reason for HPE StoreOnce topping the charts is because it enables enterprises to meet their broader, more strategic objectives. As an example, the report cites StoreOnce’s ability to perform next-generation data lifecycle management while at the same time providing the necessary features to accomplish traditional backup and recovery tasks.

The DCIG report positions HPE StoreOnce as best in class for “enterprises actively working toward creating a software-defined data center and wanting to automate seamless data movement between storage systems, deduplication appliances and the cloud so they can continue to build toward an intelligent data center.”

The report also states that “HPE has been the primary vendor leading in the innovation of these two areas,” citing HPE StoreOnce VSA, HPE Cloud Bank Storage and HPE RMC as major proof points.

You can read the complete DCIG report but let me summarize some of the stand-out quotes from an HPE StoreOnce perspective. 

  • Software-defined hybrid data center data protection: “The best use case for HPE StoreOnce systems is for those enterprises that want to create to create a software-defined data center that encompasses a hybrid cloud environment. Among the providers evaluated, HPE has moved substan­tially ahead of its competition in delivering on this ideal.”
  • HPE StoreOnce VSA: “HPE represents the leader in this space in terms of software innovation over the past 12-to-18 months. . . The 500TB of capacity the HPE VSA can manage currently represents the largest total capacity of any virtual appliance that DCIG has evaluated available from any provider.”
  • HPE Cloud Bank Storage: “HPE also significantly upped its game with its connectivity to the cloud. All its appliances offer connectivity to all major general-purpose cloud providers. . . HPE even includes software tools so that enterprises can qualify a cloud provider if it is not on the current HPE “approved” list of cloud providers.”
  • HPE Recovery Manager Central: “HPE continues to make investments in its Recovery Manager Central (RMC) software to facilitate data movement and data life cycle management on its various stor­age platforms (3PAR, Nimble Storage, and StoreOnce). . . enterprises will derive much more intrinsic value from the StoreOnce platform when implemented alongside HPE’s storage platforms and management software.”

Catch the Around the Storage Block podcast hosted by Calvin Zito where I join Jerome Wendt, President and Founder, DCIG, to talk about the process behind the buyer’s guides and how HPE StoreOnce earned its “Recommended” rating. (Note the podcast will open in a new window. To subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, open this link and click on the "View in iTunes" button. You can also find the ATSB podcast on, Google Play MusicSpotify Podcast, and Stitcher. )

Simplifying hybrid cloud data protection with next-generation HPE StoreOnce

HPE transformed the simplicity, performance, and agility of hybrid cloud data protection with the announcement of the HPE StoreOnce next-generation backup appliance platform. Achieving the top ranking in this year’s DCIG Enterprise Backup Target Appliance Buyer's Guide clearly demonstrates how the next generation of HPE StoreOnce provides unrivalled intelligent data protection for an all-flash, hybrid IT world.   

Find out more about HPE StoreOnce

Learn more about how StoreOnce can help you reduce cost, risk, and complexity with flash-speed protection in your data center, as well as low-cost archive and disaster recovery in the cloud. This video is a good place to start:

Then dig deeper with more StoreOnce content, including learning what else DCIG and the Taneja Group have to say about this next generation of hybrid cloud data protection:

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