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HPE XP7 Flash Module Device: Leading flash offering gets even better

Learn how the new HPE XP7 Self-Encrypting Flash Module Device increases performance, security and capacity in your data center.

HPE XP7_blog.jpgInline hardware compression and encryption with XP7 Flash Module Device (FMD)

The popular XP7 FMDs provide industry-leading performance and are designed for those customers seeking to maximize their storage capacity and performance experience. Two years ago, inline compression was introduced on FMDs, which enabled at least 2:1 compression at line speed, guaranteed. That introduction led to a significant increase in FMDs adoption, with customers gaining leaps in performance, capacity and overall TCO.

How did HPE improve on the XP7 leadership flash experience?

For environments where encryption is key—for either legal requirements or industry compliance such FIPs 140-2, HIPAA and GDPR, HPE just launched new XP7 Self-EncryHPE XP7 flash module.pngpting Flash Module Devices (SE FMD) in 7TB and 14TB capacities, with inline encryption added to the feature list.  Now, as an XP7 customer, you can both compress and encrypt data on your Self-Encrypting Flash Module Devices—with a 40% increase in performance over the previous controller-based compression and encryption solution. Even with the addition of encryption, these new SE FMDs still provide no-compromise performance, delivering both encryption and compression at line speed.

Other SE FMD benefits include:

  • Cryptographic and compression ASIC residing on the SE FMD, eliminating anyt burden on the array controller
  • Flexibility to support both encrypted and non-encrypted groups on the same array vs. an all-or-nothing limitation
  • Flexibility to mix both SE FMD and controller-based encryption in the same array
  • Eliminated need for destructive media retention (DMR)

Gen2 FMD’s already provide key values

1. High performance driven by quad-core flash controller ASIC

The Quad-core flash controller with proprietary ASIC manages:

  • “Garbage collection” in the background, freeing the array from this task
  •  Wear-leveling control that reduces unnecessary writes to memory
  •  Zero-data write avoidance that drives up to 94% write reduction

2. Highly scalable flash with unique form factor:

The unique form factor of the FMD does not limit the capacity/density to fit into a spinning media footprint. FMDs are self-contained controller boards available in 1.6TiB, 3.2TiB, 6.4TiB, 7TB and 14TB. It allows much higher connect bandwidth to the actual flash devices. This allows the full speed of the FMD to be utilized unlike the SSDs that only have access to the “standard disk slot” bandwidth.

3. Storage efficiency with Inline 2:1 Hardware Compression, guaranteed

Today’s Gen 2 SE FMDs include a compression engine which performs inline hardware compression of all the data written on the FMDs. Though the level of compression that can be achieved depends on the specific user data pattern, for most database applications typical compression factor of 2:1* can be achieved.

*Compression ratio (%) here refers to size of compressed data. Does not refer reduction in size. Since we are so confident of the compression capabilities of the FMD’s, we now offer a compression guarantee for these devices. See more details

4. Mission-critical availability with capacitor backup

Capacitor backup ensures write data is not lost in the event the FMD loses power.

100% data availability guarantee for HPE XP7 Storage

HPE XP7.pngIf you’re looking to implement storage encryption and need maximum array performance, then the HPE XP7 Storage with Self-Encrypting Flash Module Devices is worth serious consideration.  If encryption and compression at line-speed isn’t enough, consider this: Since shipments began more than three-and-one-half years ago, every XP7 customer has experienced 100% data availability. Not a single minute that data stored on XP7 was not available to the host!

HPE is so confident in the XP7 reliability and availability that a 100% data availability guarantee is offered with new orders. There are no “9’s” in 100%! 

Get more details on the HPE XP7 100% Data Availability Guarantee Program.

Learn more about HPE XP7 Storage.

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