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HPE XP7 Storage delivers 100% data availability—and this is no myth

HPE XP7 Storage just breezed through 50 months of demonstrated 100% data availability! Others talk about 5, 6 or 7-nines availability. With HPE XP7 Storage, there’s no need to talk about 9s. Because there are no 9s in 100%! 

HPE XP7_availability_blog.jpgWithout question maintaining data availability is paramount for success in today’s fast-paced, ultra-competitive market. When access to data is interrupted—even for a few minutes—it can lead to irreversible damage. Productivity is reduced and revenue lost. Credibility and reputation can be damaged. Business viability may even be questioned.

Speaking of credibility and reputation when it comes to data availability, HPE is now celebrating 20 years of delivering robust storage solutions to the Tier 0/1 market. Our current platform, HPE XP7 Storage, is the 7th-generation XP. We introduced the HPE XP7 in 2014 and we started installing the first arrays 50 months ago. During that time customer data has been available for every second of every day on every single array across the entire installed base!

How we deliver on availability

Our availability achievement is unique in the industry and is a result of relentless effort from the HPE XP7 engineering, procurement and HPE Pointnext support teams.HPE XP7 StorageHPE XP7 Storage

 Before releasing new hardware or software HPE rigorously tests all components to meet HPE reliability standards. We have developed a unique and special procedure to perform hazard tests on the firmware and microcode so our customers can be assured that the software is working correctly.

But it does not stop here. HPE takes another step and certifies complete solutions. This means HPE certifies each level of the storage “food chain” including storage SAN and servers. We do this for both HPE and non-HPE products. This certification is in addition to certifications performed by individual component vendors.

Providing another cornerstone of our success when it comes to data availability, HPE Pointnext makes use of the HPE Insight Remote System. HPE Insight Remote System combines the collection of telemetry data and remote support capabilities that XP Storage has since 1999. Intelligent analytics have been built into the microcode of the array to provide 98.5% coverage of the array components and actively predicts and prevents problems across the infrastructure.

Why choose HPE XP7?

HPE XP7 is ideal when you need disaster-proof resilient storage and applications requiring extreme fault tolerance and high performance with low latency.

With proven single array 100% data availability since its inception, HPE XP7 is the clear choice for extreme high availability workloads. No other storage vendor has demonstrated single-array 100% availability. To back our claim,  XP7 customers can now sign up for the HPE XP7 Get 100% Data Availability Guarantee at no additional cost.

Remember: there are no 9s in 100%!

Wolfgang Privas_HPE Storage.jpgMeet Around the Storage Block blogger Wolfgang Privas, Business Development and Category Manager, HPE. Wolfgang develops and introduces programs to position and sell HPE XP Storage. Also as part of this role, he is responsible for product lifecycle of the XP platform from introduction to EOL and supports HPE and HPE Partner Sales in large customer engagements. Wolfgang has an extensive sales experience having worked successfully in multiple Sales and Sales management roles for more than 15 years. Prior to joining the worldwide HPE XP team he worked as EMEA product manager looking after HPE High-End Storage systems.

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