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HPE and Commvault: More than ready to simplify data protection for hybrid cloud

HPE and Commvalut - less risk - blog.jpgDo you like to live life on the edge, facing your fears and trusting everything on the thinnest veneer of protection?

Consider shark diving! After all, when you think about it, the most integral part of a shark diving experience is the resiliency of your cage, how it's constructed and laid out suddenly becomes an important consideration. You only need to do a quick search of YouTube to see what happens when cages are poorly constructed. Cages assembled with nuts and bolts are clearly to be avoided. But in a welded cage, details are vital. Both MIG (metal inert gas) and TIG (tungsten inert gas) are solid techniques but only TIG welding, carried out by a consummate professional, is tough enough to withstand the charge of a great white. Facing your fears in the ocean, hundreds of miles from land, is not the place to make your safety checks.

Running a business is risky enough without taking it to the wire with your data

In keeping your data safe, much like the diver’s cage, an important consideration is resiliency. How quickly can you restore everything to normal should something wrong?

I don’t have to tell you that the pace of business is accelerating and your company has to move towards a real-time business model—where transactions and information sharing are near instantaneous. This transition is increasing demands not only on the performance and scalability of the underlying IT infrastructure but also its availability and reliability. As process timelines are compressed from weeks or days into hours, minutes or even seconds, the cost of downtime rockets. Almost all aspects of today’s business environment rely on the uninterrupted availability of platforms, applications and data.

HPE and Commvault partnership to simplify your backup and recovery

Last year, Commvault became a part of HPE Complete at a time when enterprises are increasing their reliance on simple, powerful comprehensive data protection and backup solutions to reduce complexity in their IT environments. Fueled by rising amounts and types of data, enterprises need to store, manage and analyze this growing trove of data, while mitigating risk associated with sophisticated and widespread ransomware attacks and other threats. What we offer with Commvault is much more than a resale agreement—because your data needs our combined data protection more than ever.

As part of the HPE Complete program, HPE customers will not only have access to the comprehensive Commvault HPE and Commvault - More than ready - blog.jpgComplete™ Backup & Recovery software solution, but also to Commvault HyperScale™ technology that provides a scale-out solution for today’s modern cloud-like architectures. This combination provides a truly "complete" enterprise backup and recovery solution available from HPE partners. Similarly, HPE partners have the benefit of being able to sell HPE storage and server platforms along with Commvault software as a complete solution on a single invoice—all with the confidence of knowing the hardware and software work together.

End-to-end data protection

  • Commvault software combines complete data protection lifecycle management features with primary and secondary tiers of HPE storage. The combination of Commvault IntelliSnap® Technology with the native HPE 3PAR and HPE Nimble Storage snapshot engine provides consistent point-in-time recovery copies for enterprise applications while incorporating hardware snapshots into the complete data protection process without requiring complex scripting. IntelliSnap® Technology and the HPE storage snapshot engine also allow you to meet demanding business-critical application SLAs with scalable protection for recovery point and time objectives of minutes. This integration produces accelerated application-level recovery with granular protection and retention options.
  • Driving data center transformation, HPE ProLiant and HPE Apollo systems represent a well-suited platform for Commvault HyperScale™ Software to expand and transform capabilities in the evolving software-defined world. By leveraging Commvault HyperScale™ Software and a Validated Reference Design with HPE ProLiant and Apollo systems, you can maximize the return on investment by reducing the complexity, cost, and risk over traditional scale-up solutions.
  • Commvault integration with StoreOnce Catalyst is the result of a significant joint engineering effort between the two companies allowing Commvault to manage the lifecycle of customers’ data in an HPE infrastructure with a single solution, whether that data lives on-premises or in the cloud.

HPE and Commvault 1.jpg

  • Through its support of HPE GreenLake Backup, Commvault is simplifying the backup experience for customers to meet evolving data protection and compliance challenges, tightening resource requirements and ever-expanding data growth.

HPE and Commvault 2.jpg

  • HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack using Commvault Software provides comprehensive data protection and management for Microsoft Azure Stack, including virtual machine (VM) protection using “LiveSync” for disaster recovery, backup and recovery of Azure Stack blob store, and migration of VMs from external hypervisors to Azure Stack.

The combination of the HPE and Commvault portfolios provides you a path to extending your data centers and disaster recovery capabilities into the cloud in a way that enhances automation of processes through hardware and software integration without the complexity and risk of DIY architectures.

Commvault GO 2019 is around the corner

Commvault GO 2019 is Commvault’s flagship Digital Transformation Conference, taking place on October 14th-16th in Denver, Colorado. HPE has a big presence at GO 2019. We’re a Global Diamond Sponsor, and will showcase the combined power of HPE and Commvault solutions in action.

If you are attending Commvault GO, please feel free to visit our booth #D2 and chat with one of our product experts and learn about the benefits that come with deploying HPE and Commvault solution. Check out Greg Bennett’s recent blog on our participation at GO 2019.

We are continuously building on our partnership with Commvault and have made it seamless for you to adopt best-of-breed solutions in a unified stack that enhances the already strong value proposition for HPE data protection for the data center.

Watch and see how HPE and Commvault can provide your business with simplified intelligent data protection for hybrid cloud:

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