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HPE and VMware: 19-year innovation partners


We were a busy team last week at VMworld. Hopefully you saw my blog post that highlighted some of the news we had that was shared during Pat Gelsinger, VMware CEO, opening keynote. I did a few podcasts (with a few more still coming) HPE and VMware innovating togetherHPE and VMware innovating togetherand we had a couple of video bloggers that did a number of videos for us highlighting the 19 years of work and innovation between HPE and VMware. I wanted to share those with you. 

This is going to be a lot of links so I highly recommend you bookmark this and come back to check out all of the great content in these videos and podcasts. 

ATSB Podcasts

We had a couple of blogger briefings that I used for a couple of podcasts I published. I also did a Q&A with our HPE GreenLake team. Here are the podcasts I have that you can check out:

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CTO Advisor Keith Townsend

I've know Keith Townsend for several years and have appreciated his perspective though we've at times disagreed. I look at him as a friend - not many work colleagues that I have on Facebook but he's one. We asked Keith to do a series of videos for us at VMworld. Some are storage and others are other topics on the HPE and VMware partnership. Here are links to the HPE sponsored videos Keith did at VMworld:

SBUCloud Stephane Bureau

Stephane Bureau is a former HPE employee who founded Social 4U. He attends industry events and shoots short videos talking to subject matter experts. He did many at VMworld with HPE and VMware experts. Here's a run down of the videos he did (note these links all go to videos that are on Twitter - you don't need a Twitter account to view these), Since I am a storage guy, I'll start with the storage videos:

Here are the other HPE and VMware videos from Stephane:

Gestalt IT 

I think when I started in social media 11 years ago, the first person I met with Stephen Foskett. He has a number of things he runs (including Tech Field Day that we'll talk more about in the near future) and his analyst business Gestalt IT. His colleagues Tom Hollingsworth and Ken Nalbone joined him to look at all the news from VMworld. Here's a link to where they discussed the HPE and VMware news. The YouTube video will play from that point - if you want to hear the rest of their analysis on the VMworld news, start the video from the beginning. 

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