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HPE and Veeam: Enhanced data protection for your mission critical applications

The best defense is a good offense."

This adage that has been applied to many fields of endeavor over time, including both sporting events and military combat. Sir Alex Ferguson [1]once famously quoted, “Attack wins you games, defense wins you titles.” And you cannot disagree with that statement coming from the 13-time English Premiership Title winner.

HPE_Veeam_Enhanced data protection for mission critical apps_Blog_shutterstock_248984509.jpgData is the lifeblood of any business, yet many organizations like yours continue to struggle with protecting data. Data can create a great deal of business value, but with that comes significant liability. In fact, even as we speak, your organization is gathering data faster than ever before, from multiple sources. Keeping pace with this unprecedented data growth poses a huge challenge. But perhaps the bigger challenge lies in securing the data so that it can be effectively utilized -- without fear of unauthorized access or data loss.

The two major factors preventing most businesses from adequately protecting data are complexity and inefficiency. This needs to change if storage is to truly align with wider business objectives. That’s why HPE and Veeam, building on our long history of helping you to protect your data, have identified key data protection challenges that affect nearly all organizations in one way or another.

HPE + Veeam = Simplify your backup and recovery

One of our trusted partners over the years in this data protection journey has been Veeam. We have teamed up with Veeam to offer unique capabilities by integrating Veeam software features directly with our primary and secondary storage platforms. The integration of Veeam solutions with HPE Primera, HPE 3PAR, HPE Nimble Storage, HPE SimpliVity and HPE Apollo Servers, coupled with HPE data protection platforms HPE StoreOnce and HPE StoreEver, provides a complete availability solution for your enterprise. With this collaboration, you can take more frequent storage snapshots and utilize industry-leading recovery capabilities to minimize both devastating data loss and costly downtime.

Modernizing end-to-end data protection with HPE and Veeam

With the announcement of Veeam v10, we have further enhanced our joint data protection offering with Veeam.

HPE Primera and Veeam integration: rapid recovery when you need it

HPE Primera ushers in a new era of storage for all your mission-critical apps. Not only have we made it simple but we’ve done this while raising the bar on resiliency and performance with an architecture built for NVMe, and storage class memory (SCM).

With HPE Primera you get:

  • An on-demand experience for instant application access to data consumed as a service. No waiting. No tuning. And no more forklift upgrades.
  • App-aware resiliency based on AI, that sees the future to prevent disruptions before they happen, backed by a 100% availability guarantee.  Yes, 100%. That’s not a typo!
  • Predictive acceleration with embedded AI to ensure your mission critical apps are not just fast some of the time, but all of the time

 For more details on HPE Primera, please click here.

 The snapshot engine

The integration of Veeam Backup & Replication with HPE Primera enables you to reduce costs typically associated with downtime, while minimizing the amount of data loss. With a growing number of applications considered to be mission critical, you require Always-On availability to ensure business continuity. The combination of Veeam with the native HPE Primera Storage snapshot engine provides consistent application point-in-time recovery copies for enterprise applications while incorporating hardware snapshots into the complete data protection process, without requiring complex scripting. Additionally, with snapshot orchestration Veeam backup jobs can be created with just one click. The integration provides non-disruptive backup of VMs to external, disk-based systems via snapshots, shortening backup run times. Additionally, for customers requiring a second or third copy of their data, Veeam can take a backup copy and send this to your StoreOnce system or StoreOnce VSA for longer term retention needs.

Veeam support for HPE StoreOnce Catalyst Copy: Enhanced Disaster Recovery

Veeam’s integration with StoreOnce Catalyst (2017) was the result of a significant joint engineering effort between the two companies; Veeam’s solution facilitated the management of the lifecycle of your data in an HPE infrastructure. The relationship has been further enhanced by Veeam’s support for Catalyst Copy. The new support for HPE StoreOnce Catalyst Copy and Veeam 10 provides configured and controlled data transfers from sites, and delivers a single interface for data protection. Restore points written to Catalyst stores can be copied to other stores through storage-based replication using Catalyst Copy jobs, managed by Veeam. In a disaster recovery configuration, these copies can be sent to other StoreOnce systems. You can use HPE StoreOnce Catalyst Copy to transport, replicate multisite concurrent and cascade replication, and archive additional copies of data for disaster recovery use cases. These actions do not impact backup SLAs, or constrain server CPU resources, and improve efficiency while reducing cost, risk and complexity.

Network Attached Storage (NAS) Backup to HPE Storage

Veeam10 now supports NAS backup, allowing you to easily protect any NAS appliance such as 3PAR File Persona and Qumulo, along with other non-HPE NAS platforms. Veeam10 works on HPE Apollo 4000 Systems, HPE StoreOnce Systems or HPE Nimble backup targets, giving you the flexibility of choosing a right balance of price, scalability and performance for your requirements.

Moving forward, together

Data protection and recovery will be the business-critical tools you will need as you continue on your IT modernization journey. Unfortunately, the one-size-fits-all routine doesn’t work anymore, so it’s important to develop a data protection strategy that aligns with your business objectives. HPE and Veeam are trusted partners who can help you meet your goals. HPE Primera, HPE 3PAR , HPE Nimble Storage, HPE Apollo and HPE StoreOnce, plus Veeam offer end-to-end data protection to safeguard your data and improve business resilience.

I'm excited about the coming months and the enhancements that are in store on the data protection front and our ongoing partnership with Veeam. We continue to innovate and raise the standards of data protection even higher. We strongly believe in the technology we have built over the years and our joint approach in delivering solutions with the common goal of enabling you to protect your data, on premises or in the cloud.

Stay tuned for more updates on our journey to protect your data and applications.

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[1] Sir Alexander Chapman Ferguson CBE (born 31 December 1941) is a Scottish athlete who formerly managed Manchester United (Soccer) from 1986 to 2013.

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