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HPE expands M-series offering with high performance SN3000 series Ethernet Switch family launch

Networking for high-performance workloads and next generation storage connectivity. HPE M-series delivers network speed and agility to keep pace with the most intense workloads.

Figure 1_M-series-Ethernet-Switch FamilyFigure 1_M-series-Ethernet-Switch Family


HPE is expanding the M-series offering with the introduction of SN3000 series. The HPE SN3000 Ethernet switch family is ideal for high performance data center network solutions, allowing maximum flexibility. Port speeds span from 1GbE to 400GbE per port, and port density enables full rack connectivity to any server and storage at any speed. The SN3000 is powered by the 50G PAM-4 based Spectrum-2 ASIC,  and carries a whopping bi-directional switching capacity of up to 12.8Tb/s, with a landmark 8.33Bpps packet processing rate.

Purpose-built for the modern datacenter, the SN3000 series of switches combine high performance packet processing, rich datacenter features, cloud network scale and visibility with flexible form factors.

With an increasing need to access data faster and accommodate growing workloads, rising levels of east-west traffic, and new storage arrays based on flash storage technologies, a high bandwidth, low-latency network is paramount. HPE’s SN3000 series provides full wire speed, cut through-mode latency, on-chip fully-shared 42MB packet buffering, and flexible port use, in addition to advanced capabilities. Combining a wide range of innovations in the area of programmability, telemetry, and tunneling with industry leading performance, HPE’s SN3000 series is capable of addressing the complex storage networking requirements necessary for the advanced data centers of today.

HPE SN3000M series of Ethernet switches are built on Spectrum-2 with the following capabilities:

  • Port speed up to 400Gbps
  • 42MB of fully-shared packet buffer
  • 512K on-chip, dynamically shared forwarding table
  • Deep visibility with 512k general purpose counters
  • In-band network telemetry

Figure 2_HPE M-series, best-in-class performance for Ethernet Storage FabricsFigure 2_HPE M-series, best-in-class performance for Ethernet Storage Fabrics


The HPE M-Series Ethernet switches provide the right network bandwidth for consistent performance required for high-performance and storage workloads. Delivering the highest feature set at the right price allows the Ethernet infrastructure to best support a variety of use cases, including media and entertainment/streaming video, financial services industry, virtualized data centers, and next generation storage, including software-defined storage and NVMe flash.

With HPE M-Series switches, you can:

  • Optimize Storage— Modernize your network to eliminate limitations and bottlenecks that can be caused by the addition of flash storage.
  • Enjoy efficient network performance— Avoid packet loss, provide predictable performance with line-rate packet delivery across all ports and all packet sizes.
  • Realize breakthrough economics— Make better use of your data center resources with the highest port density per rack unit, and the industry’s lowest power consumption.
  • Accelerate business innovation— Utilize 1/10/40Gbps Ethernet connectivity for existing workloads and enhance connectivity utilizing built-in 25/50/100Gbps capabilities to respond quickly to business needs, and stay on the leading edge of Ethernet switching technology.

Whether you are or are not supporting AI/ML or DA workloads today, most modern data centers are highly virtualized, and run on solid-state storage. The introduction of NVMe storage is just around the corner and slated to further push performance standards. For both fast NVMe storage and all computational inferencing workloads, predictable and reliable data delivery depends on fast and accurate data delivery -- and this starts at the network. The M-Series Ethernet switches meet and exceed the most demanding criteria for wire-speed performance so real-time decisions from the most robust cognitive computing applications can thrive.

Rapid improvement of data center computing and low-latency storage solutions have transferred data center performance bottlenecks to the network. 10GbE networks only create delays, and will become a major constraint in network performance. Therefore, today’s data centers should be designed to handle this anticipated bandwidth with a low latency, lossless Ethernet Storage Fabric. Beyond the performance advantages, the economic benefits of running NVMe and AI workloads over Ethernet are substantial. M-series switches deliver this unbeatable performance at an even more unbeatable price point, yielding outstanding ROI.

The HPE M-series Ethernet switch family offers industry-leading, high-bandwidth and the lowest-latency for a cost-effective solution to connect Primary, Secondary, Hyperconverged, NAS, or Object storage systems. With cost-effective options such as pay-as-you-grow licensing, seamless speed transition from 1GbE to 100GbE to 400GbE and support for next-generation storage such as software-defined, scale-out, distributed and NVMe, ensure your M-series fabrics allows for implementing significant speed and architecture upgrades over time.

Take a deeper dive and learn more!  There is a rich library of information on HPE M-series and storage fabrics.


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